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Afghanistan History Timeline

Afghanistan's Information

Flag of Afghanistan
Land Area 652,230 km2
Total Area 652,230km2 (#40)
Population 33,332,025 (#40)
Population Density 51.10/km2
Government Type Presidential Islamic Republic
GDP (PPP) $64.08 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,000
Currency Afghani (AFN)
More Information Afghanistan
Largest Cities
334 BC - 1800s AD
  • (334BC) Alexander the Great used Afghanistan as gateway to India
  • (1218) Genghis Khan conquered Afghanistan
  • (1400) Tamerlane conquered Afghanistan
  • (1839-1842) British forces invaded, installed King Shah Shujah
  • (1842) King Shah Shujah assassinated
  • (1878-1880) Second Anglo-Afghan war; treaty gave Britain control of Afghan foreign affairs
  • (1893) Unofficial border separating Afghanistan from British India established
  • (1919 - 1921) British were defeated in Third British-Afghan War
  • (1919) Emir Amanullah Khan declared Afghanistan a monarchy
  • (1926 - 1929) Amanullah introduced social reforms, caused civil unrest, he fled the country
  • (1933) Zahir Shah became king of Afghanistan
  • (1934) United States formally recognized Afghanistan
  • (1953) General Mohammed Daoud Khan became prime minister; Afghanistan turned to Soviet Union for economic and military assistance
  • (1956) Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev agreed to help Afghanistan, two countries became close allies
  • (1956) Women allowed to attend university, enter workforce
  • (1963) Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud Kahn forced to resign
  • (1964) Constitutional monarchy introduced, led to political polarization, power struggles
  • (1965) Afghan Communist Party secretly formed
  • (1973) In military coup, Mohammed Daoud Kahn seized power, declared Afghanistan a republic, named himself president
  • (1978) Daoud Kahn killed in communist coup; Nur Mohammad Teraki took over as president, proclaimed independence from Soviet influence, armed revolt began
  • (1979) American Ambassador Adolph Dubs killed, U.S. cut off assistance to Afghanistan
  • (1979) Nur Mohammad Teraki killed in confrontation
  • (1979) Soviet Red Army invaded Afghanistan
  • (1980) Babrak Karmal installed as prime minister of Afghanistan, widespread opposition caused violent public demonstrations
  • (1982) Over 2.8 million Afghans fled to Pakistan, 1.5 million to Iran to escape war
  • (1986) U.S. began supplying Mujahideen with missiles to shoot down Soviet helicopter gunships
  • (1986) Najibullah replaced Babrak Karmal as head of Soviet-backed regime
  • (1988) Osama bin Laden, 15 other Islamists, formed al-Qaida to continue holy war against Soviets
  • (1988) Afghanistan, USSR, the U.S. and Pakistan signed peace accords
  • (1989) Soviets troops withdrew from Afghanistan
  • (1992) Najibullah government toppled, Islamic rebellion followed
  • (1996) Taliban took control of Kabul, introduced hard-line Islam, banned women from working , required to be fully veiled; Islamic law enforced
  • (1995 - 1999) Drought devastated farms, many rural areas became uninhabitable, more than one million Afghans fled to Pakistan
  • (1997) Taliban executed Najibullah

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