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Afghanistan History Timeline

Afghanistan's Information

Flag of Afghanistan
Land Area 652,230 km2
Total Area 652,230km2 (#40)
Population 33,332,025 (#40)
Population Density 51.10/km2
Government Type Presidential Islamic Republic
GDP (PPP) $64.08 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,000
Currency Afghani (AFN)
More Information Afghanistan
Largest Cities
334 BC - 1800s AD
  • (334BC) Alexander the Great used Afghanistan as gateway to India
  • (1218) Genghis Khan conquered Afghanistan
  • (1400) Tamerlane conquered Afghanistan
  • (1839-1842) British forces invaded, installed King Shah Shujah
  • (1842) King Shah Shujah assassinated
  • (1878-1880) Second Anglo-Afghan war; treaty gave Britain control of Afghan foreign affairs
  • (1893) Unofficial border separating Afghanistan from British India established
  • (1919 - 1921) British were defeated in Third British-Afghan War
  • (1919) Emir Amanullah Khan declared Afghanistan a monarchy
  • (1926 - 1929) Amanullah introduced social reforms, caused civil unrest, he fled the country
  • (1933) Zahir Shah became king of Afghanistan
  • (1934) United States formally recognized Afghanistan
  • (1953) General Mohammed Daoud Khan became prime minister; Afghanistan turned to Soviet Union for economic and military assistance
  • (1956) Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev agreed to help Afghanistan, two countries became close allies
  • (1956) Women allowed to attend university, enter workforce
  • (1963) Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud Kahn forced to resign
  • (1964) Constitutional monarchy introduced, led to political polarization, power struggles
  • (1965) Afghan Communist Party secretly formed
  • (1973) In military coup, Mohammed Daoud Kahn seized power, declared Afghanistan a republic, named himself president
  • (1978) Daoud Kahn killed in communist coup; Nur Mohammad Teraki took over as president, proclaimed independence from Soviet influence, armed revolt began
  • (1979) American Ambassador Adolph Dubs killed, U.S. cut off assistance to Afghanistan
  • (1979) Nur Mohammad Teraki killed in confrontation
  • (1979) Soviet Red Army invaded Afghanistan
  • (1980) Babrak Karmal installed as prime minister of Afghanistan, widespread opposition caused violent public demonstrations
  • (1982) Over 2.8 million Afghans fled to Pakistan, 1.5 million to Iran to escape war
  • (1986) U.S. began supplying Mujahideen with missiles to shoot down Soviet helicopter gunships
  • (1986) Najibullah replaced Babrak Karmal as head of Soviet-backed regime
  • (1988) Osama bin Laden, 15 other Islamists, formed al-Qaida to continue holy war against Soviets
  • (1988) Afghanistan, USSR, the U.S. and Pakistan signed peace accords
  • (1989) Soviets troops withdrew from Afghanistan
  • (1992) Najibullah government toppled, Islamic rebellion followed
  • (1996) Taliban took control of Kabul, introduced hard-line Islam, banned women from working , required to be fully veiled; Islamic law enforced
  • (1995 - 1999) Drought devastated farms, many rural areas became uninhabitable, more than one million Afghans fled to Pakistan
  • (1997) Taliban executed Najibullah

Afghanistan Trivia

Which Countries Have a Theocratic Government?

Some of the countries with a theocratic government include Yemen, Vatican City, Sudan, and Mauritania.

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What are the Major Ethnic Groups of Afghanistan?

Pashtun peoples are the largest ethnic group in the south of the country, while Tajiks and Uzbeks are concentrated along the norther borders, and the Hazara in the central highlands. Around 42% of the country's population is Pashtun.

The Ethnic Groups Of Afghanistan

Which Countries Border Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is a landlocked country that is bordered by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, China, and Iran.

Which Countries Border Afghanistan?

What Languages Are Spoken In Afghanistan?

In the multilingual country of Afghanistan, Dari and Pashto are the official and most widely spoken languages. Uzbek, Balochi, Turkmen, Nuristani, Pashayi, etc., are some of the country’s regional languages.

What Languages Are Spoken In Afghanistan?

What Kind of Fish Are From Afghanistan?

Some of the fish that are from Afghanistan are the false osman, the giant river catfish, and the Tibetan stone loach.

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What is the Tallest Building in Afghanistan?

Noshaq is the highest peak in the Hindu Kush Range and the highest peak in Afghanistan with an elevation of 24,580 feet (7,492 meters).

The Tallest Mountains In Afghanistan

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