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Rwanda Geography

Located in central Africa, the small country of Rwanda sits at over 3,000 ft (914 m) above sea level.

The central and western part of the country is dominated by a portion of the Albertine Rift Mountains that give way to forests, savannahs, plains and swamps as you move eastward.

Numerous lakes dot the landscape, with Lake Kivu being the largest and making up most of Rwanda's western border. Lake Kivu is one of the 20 deepest lakes in the world, and has a maximum depth of 1,575 ft. (480 m).

Other notable lakes include: Burera, Ruhondo, Muhazi, Rweru and Ihema.

Rising in the southwest is the longest river of Rwanda - Nyabarongo. The river merges with the Ruvubu in the southeast, forming the Kagera River.

The highest point of Rwanda is Karisimbi, which peaks at 14,826 ft. (4,519 m); the lowest point is the Rusizi River at 3,116 ft. (950 m).

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