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Namibia History Timeline

Namibia's Information

Flag of Namibia
Land Area 823,290 km2
Water Area 1,002 km2
Total Area 824,292km2 (#33)
Population 2,436,469 (#142)
Population Density 2.96/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $25.99 Billion
GDP Per Capita $11,800
Currency Dollar (NAD)
Largest Cities
1300s - 1800s
  • (1300s) Bantu-speaking tribes migrated into the region of Namibia
  • (1488) Portuguese explorer, Bartolomeu Dias, visited the region
  • (1886) Present-day international boundaries were established by German treaties between Portugal and Britain and Germany annexed the region as South West Africa

  • (1920) South Africa was granted a mandate to govern South West Africa, including Namibia, by the League of Nations
  • (1958) The Ovamboland People's Congress was created by Herman Toivo Ya Toivo
  • (1960) The Ovamboland People's Congress was renamed the South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO)
  • (1966) An armed struggle against the South African occupation of South West Africa was launched
  • (1968) S.W. Africa was officially renamed Namibia
  • (1978) A planned transition towards independence for Namibia was passed by the UN Security Council
  • (1990) Namibia was granted independence with Sam Nujoma as president
  • (1998) Hundreds of refugees from the Caprivi Strip fled to Botswana claiming persecution by the Namibian government
  • (1999) Nujoma was elected for a third term

  • (2004) A bridge running across the Zambezi River between Namibia and Zambia was opened
  • (2004) Hifikepunye Pohamba was elected president
  • (2005) Expropriation began on white-owned farms as part of a land-reform program
  • (2006) A national anti-polio vaccination campaign was launched following the deaths of at least 12 inflicted with the disease
  • (2007) An aid and economic cooperation agreement was signed with China
  • (2009) President Pohamba was re-elected
  • (2011) 11 billion barrels of offshore oil reserves were found
  • (2013) Namibia was named the top emerging market economy in Africa as well as the 13th best in the world
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Namibia Trivia

What is the Biggest Ethnic Group in Namibia?

The Ovambo tribe constitutes around half of the Namibian population, making it by far the largest in the country.

Ethnic Groups Of Namibia

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