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Ghana History Timeline

Ghana's Information

Flag of Ghana
Land Area 227,533 km2
Water Area 11,000 km2
Total Area 238,533km2 (#80)
Population 26,908,262 (#48)
Population Density 118.26/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $121.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $4,400
Currency Cedi (GHS)
Largest Cities

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1200s - 1800s
  • (1200s) Akans emerged from the Bonoman region and created several Akan states based around the trading of gold
  • (1482) Trade was established with Portuguese merchants
  • (1500s) Forts were built at Komeda and Kormantsi by the Dutch
  • (1874) England established control and proclaimed the coastal area a crown colony
  • (1957) Ghana is granted independence
  • (1960) Ghana is declared a republic; Kwame Nkrumah is named prime minister and president
  • (1966) Nkrumah's government was overthrown in a military coup
  • (1969) A new constitution shifted power over to Kofi Busia
  • (1972) Busia is ousted in a military coup led by Colonel Ignatius Acheampong
  • (1979) Power is handed over to a newly elected president, Hilla Limann, following a coup led by Jerry Rawlings
  • (1981) Hilla Limann is ousted following two years of a weak government and stagnant economy, Rawlings assumed control
  • (1981) Political parties are banned and the constitution is suspended
  • (1992) A new constitution is approved introducing a multiparty system, Rawlings is elected president
  • (1994) Ethnic clashes between the Konkomba and Nanumba in the Northern Region over land ownership resulted in the deaths of over a thousand with a further 150,000 displaced
  • (1996) Rawlings is re-elected president
  • (2000) John Kufuor is elected president following elections
  • (2001) Fuel subsidies are removed by the government causing a 60% increase in petrol prices
  • (2001) A football stampede occurred at the Accra Sports Stadium, making it the worst stadium disaster in African history, 127 people are killed
  • (2002) Clan violence in the north sparked a state of emergency after a tribal chief and more than 30 others were killed
  • (2003) Two gold-mining firms are merged to form a gold-mining giant
  • (2004) Kufor is re-elected president
  • (2005) Togolese refugees in the thousands arrived to Ghana
  • (2007) Oil is discovered off the Ghananian coast
  • (2007) Flooding caused widespread devastation and destroyed a majority of the annual harvest
  • (2008) John Atta Mills is elected president
  • (2010) Offshore oil production began
  • (2012) John Mahama is appointed interim head of state, and is eventually elected president, following the death of Mills
  • (2012) The Ivory Coast temporarily closed its borders after a deadly attack at an army checkpoint
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