About Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde, also known in the Anglosphere as Cape Verde, is an African country that is made up of 10 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It is off of the northwestern portion of the continent. There are many things that make these islands unique, from their volcanic origins to their relatively low population (it's the third least populated country in Africa). The island has been shaped by its history as a Portuguese colony, just like its nearby neighbors of Azores and Madeira, although unlike these islands Cabo Verde is now an independent country. 

Cabo Verde Trivia

What's the Largest Ethnic Group of Cape Verde?

71% of the population of Cape Verde identifies as Creole, making it the largest ethnic group in Cape Verde.

Ethnic Groups Of Cape Verde

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Cabo Verde?

The natural resources of Cabo Verde include beautiful beaches, water resource, arable land, wind energy, basalt, limestone, pozzolana, kaolin, and gypsum among others.

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Cabo Verde?

What Languages are Spoken in Cabo Verde?

Cape Verdean Portuguese is the official language of Cabo Verde.

What Languages Are Spoken in Cabo Verde?