Top 10 Things To See And Do In Cape Verde

A fishing boat in the beautiful blue waters of Cape Verde.
A fishing boat in the beautiful blue waters of Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is a collection of ten islands that provide a unique environment for tourist activities, whether in groups, families or individual parties. With its warm sunny climate throughout the year and a diverse landscape with coastal lowlands and mountainous areas, historical and cultural diversity including festivals and food, Cape Verde is a must-visit African state. Cape Verde offers an unparalleled island experience to tourists by supporting a variety of tourist activities such as surfing, sunbathing, diving, snorkeling, trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing. If you are wondering just what to see or do in Cape Verde, get your visa and explore some of these interesting and adventurous places and activities offered by Cape Verde.

10. Climbing The Volcano Pico de Fogo

Pico de Fogo, Cape Verde.

The Pico de Fogo is the highest volcano in Cape Verde rising to a height of 9281 ft though the volcano has had recent volcanic activity, climbing the mountain is still allowed. Climbing the Pico de Fogo provides a unique hiking and trekking experience. Though the trip to the top may be quite challenging due to the slippery cinder covered slopes, the spectacular view of the Fogo Island from the top makes the challenge worth. It is advisable for tourists to have a tour guide for directions and support.

9. Enjoy The Sights And Sounds Of The Harbor Town Of Palmeira

The island of Sal, Cape Verde.

The harbor town of Palmeira is located on the island of Sal. Amidst the bustle of the daily activities of the busy harbor town, tourists get to enjoy a variety of interesting activities and sights including the Blue eye, fishing, ferrying, beach activities, cliffs and the Buracona lagoon. Palmeira is home to underground reefs and caves for the adventurous tourist. Palmeira also has unique architecture mainly of the 20th century, landmarks such as churches and library. After enjoying the day outdoors, tourists can relax in the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the area.

8. Enjoy Birdwatching In Maio

Maio in Cape Verde is in the east most of the Sotavento Islands and offers some of the untouched tourism for the bird lovers. Maio is a perfect place to escape, relax, and enjoy bird watching. Some of the interesting birds on the island include the seabirds that are common in the northern part of the Island. Other birds common to the island include grey-headed kingfisher, Cape Verde Warbler, Jago sparrow, herons, limicoles, and passer hispaniolesis.The Maio island together with all the islands of Cape Verde have been isolated, and this has led to the presence of huge species of endemic species of birds, and the majority are endemic to the island. Some of the endemic species include the endangered species as a result of human activities.

7. Enjoy Spectacular Scenery In Ribeira Brava

Ribeira Brava is an important commercial town in Cape Verde. Besides the busy bustle of traders, the town is set in one of the most spectacular sceneries of the Sao Nicolau Island. Its location within the Ribeira Valley offers great views of the surrounding mountain range and the river Ribeira Brava flowing through the valley. The architecture of the town is also one to behold with many buildings in Portuguese and Roman architectural styles, parks, and gardens that reflect the history of the country through the colonial period. While at it, tourists may indulge in shopping within the town.

6. Visit Historical Landmarks In Praia

An aerial view of Paia, Cape Verde.

The city of Praia located on the island of Santiago is an important tourist center in Cape Verde. Praia is home to some historical landmarks including museums and buildings of traditional architecture. Some of the oldest buildings such as the Jaime Mota Barracks of 1826 and the presidential palace are within the town. Other historical landscapes include the Albuquerque Square, the monument of Diogo Gomes, the Ethnographic Museum. Since the city is the capital of Cape Verde, it also serves as the office of some government offices.

5. Shop For Souvenirs In Sal Rei

What is a vacation without souvenirs? Sal Rei, located on the island of Boa Vista is a unique shopping center especially for locally made crafts and artworks. While exploring the wonders, sights, and sounds of the island, stop by one of the many souvenir shops in Sal Rei and pick up some memorabilia. With a deeply set art and crafts culture in Cape Verde, tourists are assured of original local items including coral jewelry, straw hats and other crafts made of locally available materials including wood.

4. Experience Nightlife In Mindelo

Mindelo is a vibrant town with an equally vibrant night culture. Tourists can enjoy this part of the Cape Verdean nightlife by visiting one of the numerous nightclubs and entertainment spots in the town. Tourists have a variety of night time activities to choose from including walking tours around the town, delicious meals accompanied by great music in the numerous restaurants, or relieving music with drinks in the nightclubs and bars. While tourists may enjoy the nightlife of the town during any day, weekends are the most vibrant with activity. Mindelo is Cape Verde’s cultural capital and offers tourists the chance to be a part of the numerous nighttime festivities such as jazz concerts and traditional music.

3. Relax In Ribeira Grande

Once you have worn yourself out with the water sports in Santa Maria and the beaches of Sal Island, the town of Ribeira Grande offers a unique resting place with numerous restaurants, clubs, bars, and guesthouses. Located in the Ribeira Valley, Ribeira Grande offers a natural and relaxed environment crowned by hot springs. For the nature-loving tourist, walks along the streets and paths of the town enjoying the scenery of the surroundings and the unique architectural properties of the town are a sure way to relax and reflect. Other relaxing activities in the town include shopping in the markets for a variety of items.

2. Take Part In Watersports Activities In Santa Maria

Part of the Sal Island experience includes visiting the Santa Maria beach, the largest in the island. The beach is one of the most vibrant in the country, which despite its popularity never loses its uniqueness. While enjoying the sunshine and sand of the Sal Island, water sporting activities such as surfing, snorkeling, deep sea diving, kayaking, and fishing. For the daring and more experienced deep-sea divers, the waters in Santa Maria offer the best ground for deep-sea adventures with divers likely to encounter deep-sea animals such as turtles, whales, and sharks.

1. Soak In The Sun And Sand Of The Island Of Sal

An aerial view of Sal, Cape Verde.

The island of Sal is one of the sunniest areas in Cape Verde with white sandy beaches for the ultimate beach experience. Despite the arid-like conditions, the island is endowed with long beaches and great resorts. The Santa Maria Beach is one the most beautiful beaches on the island to spend a day lazing about. Walking along the beaches, engaging in beach sports such as football and volleyball, and playing with the sand is an explorative activity for tourists to engage in while at the same time taking refreshing dips in the ocean waters. Horse riding along the beach in the evening will crown the beach experience as you enjoy the setting sun. The island of Sal is an all-year-round tourist destination with sunshine present throughout the year.


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