About Australia

There is much to say about "the land Down Under." As the world's sixth largest country, Australia has plenty to offer from the Pacific coast to the Indian coast. Many of the world's most mesmerizing natural wonders are in the country, from the phenomenal Great Barrier Reef to the vast Australian Outback. The country is majestically beautiful, not to mention renowned worldwide for its high quality of life. From unusual endemic species to sunny, clear skies to the enchanting island state of Tasmania, Australia has lots to offer – or "heaps," as a true Aussie may say. 

Australia Trivia

What is the Biggest State and Territory in Australia?

The biggest territory in Australia is Western Australia, which has a land area of 2.5 square kilometers. Queensland is the largest state with a land area of 1.7 square kilometers.

Australian States and Territories By Population

What is the Official Language of Australia?

English is the de facto national language of Australia.

What Languages Are Spoken In Australia?

What are the Major Industries in Australia?

The service industry comprises of over 70% of the Australia GDP. It dominates the economy, which employs over 79% of the labor force. Other major industries include tourism, healthcare, media, finance, and mining.

What Are The Biggest Industries In Australia?

What Are the Major Ethnic Backgrounds of Australians?

67.4% of Australians cite British heritage. 8.7% of Australians claim Irish ancestry, 3.8% claim Italian, and 3.7% claim German. Australians of Chinese heritage represent 3.6% of the population, while Aboriginal Australians account for 3% of the population.

Demographics and Ethnic Groups of Australia

What Continent Is Australia In?

Australia is a country that comprises the mainland of the continent of Oceania & Australia. It is the sixth largest country in the world. The nation comprises of mainland Australia (commonly known as the Continent of Australia), the island state of Tasmania, and about 8,221 smaller islands.

What Continent Is Australia In?

What Kind of Government Does Australia Have?

Australia is governed by both the federal government and the state and territory governments. Queen Elizabeth II is Australia's head of state under a constitutional monarchy.

What Type of Government Does Australia Have?

What Does the Australian Flag Mean?

The flag of Australia is represented by three main components, the Commonwealth Star, the Union Flag, and the Southern Cross.

What Do The Colors And Symbols Of The Australian Flag Mean?

What Kind of Plants Live in Australia?

Some of the native plant species of Australia include the archer's eremophila, the lance-leaved sundew and the bull kauri.

Native Plants Of Australia