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11 Most Underrated Towns In Rhode Island

Whenever you get an opportunity to visit Rhode Island for a short trip or a long vacation, do not forget to check out these so-called underrated towns.


11 Ideal Destinations For A 3-Day Weekend In Pennsylvania

Explore our guide to Pennsylvania's ideal destinations for a 3-day weekend getaway. From historic towns to scenic parks, find your perfect escape.


10 Picturesque Small Towns in California for a Weekend Retreat

Explore CA's diverse landscapes, from beaches to mountains, and discover quaint towns perfect for weekend retreats beyond LA and SF.


7 Best Small Towns to Retire in the Northern United States in 2024

The northern states of the United States harbor many amazing small towns for those looking for a place to retire in 2024.


9 Offbeat Towns To Visit In South Dakota

While all of South Dakota is offbeat, given its large area and low population, there is an extra level of quirkiness to be reached in and around certain towns


Tales in Transit: The Twists & Turns of World Travel

Andrew Douglas discusses the joys and lessons of transit travel with tips and anecdotes from a journey through Greece and Spain.


The 13 Deadliest Animals in Florida

This article sheds light on some of the deadliest animals in Florida that visitors and lifelong Floridians would be wise to give a wide berth!


The 13 Deadliest Animals In Ohio

This article will explore the 13 deadliest animals in Ohio, from poisonous snakes to large mammals, based on their ability or likelihood to harm humans.

Ancient World

How Are Ancient Roman Buildings Still Standing?

Explore what humans know so far about ancient Roman building technology and how these magnificent buildings are still standing today.


Which State Has More Venomous Snakes: Arizona or Arkansas?

This article compares the venomous snakes in the states of Arizona and Arkansas by detailing their appearance, behaviour, and how to stay safe.


13 Most Underrated Towns In Massachusetts To Take A Trip To

These underrated towns in Massachusetts include great destinations such as Oak Bluffs, Essex, Sheffield, Concord, and Duxbury.

US History

How Violent Was The Wild West?

Though the Wild West was considerably lawless and uncontrolled, there were laws enforced by local citizens/settlers in the area, including gun control.

Ancient World

How Pants Went From Being Banned To Required In The Roman Empire

Today, while banning pants might seem strange, for the ancient Romans, the controversy around trousers was highly political.


The History of Cartography

Cartography, the art and science of making maps, is an extremely important but often overlooked discipline. Read on to learn about its history.


Which State Has More Venomous Snakes: Texas or Arkansas?

Texas is home to 105 snake species, while Arkansas is home to around 39. Both states overlap in number of snake species as well.

Middle Ages

Were The Dark Ages Really That Dark?

The Dark Ages is a time that has been historically characterized as a dark and dangerous time however, there is evidence that it was peaceful and artistic.


The Most Snake Infested Lakes in Louisiana

Louisiana has an abundance of snakes including rattlesnakes, pit vipers, and water snakes. Explore some of the state's most snake infested lakes.


The Largest Armies in the World

Based on active military personnel, these are the largest armies in the world, with China in the lead and India, the United States, and Russia, close behind.


Safest Countries In The World

These countries are the safest in the world, ranked on metrics such as militarization, crime rates, and social security. Iceland is currently the safest at #1


9 Most Underrated Towns In Washington To Take A Trip To

These nine towns in Washington offer underrated attractions and beautiful views in locations such as Lake Chelan and Gig Harbor.


Lake Bangweulu

Lake Bangweulu is a 5,800-square-mile shallow inland reservoir surrounded by sandy beaches and muddy swamps in northeastern Zambia's upper Congo River Basin.


Riding The Rails Across Europe: A Haphazard Adventure

Despite the numerous faults of the European train system, it is a relief to not have to worry about checking a bag, or going through hours of security.


Fort Peck Lake

The recreational activities around the lake drew the attention of people, and it quickly became a well-liked location for boating, camping, and fishing. 


Who Is On Canadian Money?

This overview of Canadian currency includes its history, prominent figures on bills, and symbols on coins, emphasizing cultural and historical significance.


Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

The Grand Prismatic Spring is famous for its richly saturated coloration, being a deep blue in the center, with an outer rim that changes color.


What Is The Longest Country Name In The World?

Explore the world of geopolitics with our article on the longest official country names, delving into nations' history and unique identities.


Lake Kyoga

Lake Kyoga is a natural marvel that deserves attention. So, let's begin to explore this beautiful body of water situated in the heart of the African continent


The Philosophical Approach to Skepticism

This article explores philosophical skepticism, its different types, and why it is an integral component of philosophy.


How Philsophy Can Help With Your Life

Philosophy is often associated with pretentious classes, outdated philosophers, and useles degree, but it has merit outside the theoretical classroom.


Is Russia In Europe Or Asia?

Explore Russia's geographic and cultural identity across Europe and Asia by examining historical background and geographical boundaries.


The 10 Largest Gold Mines In The World

Built on the Muruntau gold deposit in the Kyzylkum Desert of Uzbekistan, the Muruntau Gold Mine is the world's largest open pit mine.


The Least Developed Countries In The World

One of the key factors contributing to underdevelopment in South Sudan, located in east-Central Africa, is persistent conflict and political instability.


How Many Space Stations Are There In Space?

Explore the evolution of space stations, from Salyut 1 to the ISS and China's Tiangong, and their impact on space exploration.


The Most Important Technological Advancements in History

Key tech advancements from stone tools to AI, exploring ancient inventions, electricity, computers, space exploration, and future technological potentials.


The Different Causes Behind Sky and Oceans' Shared Blue Color

From Rayleigh Scattering to the physics of water's light absorption and scattering, scientists explain the blueness of our sky and oceans.


The Stray Planet That Escaped Our Solar System

In January 2015, Caltech astronomers revealed research indicating the existence of a large planet with an elongated orbit in the outer solar system.


The Richest Countries In The World 2024

Discover the top 50 richest countries of 2024 (based on the latest IMF's WEO), their economic drivers, and the role of tech and taxation.


Mount Townsend

Mount Townsend is located in the Buckhorn Wilderness in Washington State in the mountainous area of the famous northeastern Olympic Peninsula.


Can Bacteria Survive in Space?

In 2018, an experiment involving bacteria and astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) proved that bacteria can survive in space.