Beautiful Sardis Lake and dam.

Sardis Lake, Mississippi

Sardis Lake is a big reservoir that was created due to the impoundment of the Tallahatchie River by Sardis Dam in the counties of Panola, Lafayette, and Marshall in the northwestern part of the US State of Mississippi. Managed by the Corps of Engineers, Sardis Lake serves as an ideal destination for fishing, hunting, skiing, camping, boating, swimming, and relaxing with loved ones. The lake area provides all the facilities required for outdoor enthusiasts to spend a fun-filled day or an extended weekend. 

Geography Of Sardis Lake

Sardis Lake at Hurricane Landing Campground near Oxford, Mississippi
Sardis Lake at Hurricane Landing Campground near Oxford, Mississippi.

Sardis Lake is a 398.7 sq. km area reservoir that has been formed due to the construction of the Sardis Dam on the Tallahatchie River. Located approximately 14 km southeast of the town of Sardis and an hour's drive from Memphis, the 4,700 m long dam has an average height of 30 m and reaches a maximum height of 36 m. The entire lake area forms a part of the Yazoo River headwaters, which is often considered the southern boundary of the Mississippi Delta region. Sardis Lake has a water volume of 1,512,000 acre-feet. During the fall and winter months, the lake is progressively reduced to a 9,800-acre "conservation pool." This further enables the lake's 4,000 sq. km watershed to receive spring rainfall without causing downstream floods.

History Of Sardis Lake

Beautiful Sardis Lake and dam.
Beautiful Sardis Lake and dam. 

The first project in the Yazoo River headwaters to be constructed by the federal government for flood management was the Sardis Dam. The project received authorization after the 1936 Flood Control Act was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Four years of construction time and thousands of workers were needed to clear fourteen miles along the Tallahatchie River, which was covered by thick vegetation, wooded areas, and meandering sloughs

Recreation was not included in the original plans as it was primarily constructed as a flood control facility. But following the dam's completion, several tourists started coming to the area. Along with managing flood risk and environmental stewardship, recreation management is now a top priority. Some of the best recreational facilities in the nation have been built and maintained by Sardis Lake staff, who take great pride in this lake. 

Recreational Activities In Sardis Lake

Sardis Dam and reservoir lake on the Tallahatchie River at John W Kyle State Park in Panola County, Mississippi.
Sardis Dam and reservoir lake on the Tallahatchie River at John W Kyle State Park in Panola County, Mississippi.

A trip to Sardis Lake would not be complete without stopping at the Sardis Lake Marina, which features dockage, on-water fueling, and a restaurant with a water access. The marina includes 140 docks, provides 89 octane ethanol-free unleaded gas, boat rentals, a ships store, and a dining area with a lake view. To accommodate the growing number of daily tourists, Sardis Lake features various day-use areas. If one is planning for a picnic, each site in the day-use areas has a table, a pedestal grill, and a service table. After a pleasant meal, there are many other amenities nearby, such as playgrounds, hiking and biking trails, boat launching ramps, fishing sites, washrooms, beaches, and picnic shelters.

Sardis Lake serves as one of the best fishing spots. Every year, fishermen from all across the nation travel here to fish in the stunning lake. Fishers can catch largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, beam, or white bass, which are some of the fish species available at the lake. Due to the restricted amount of shoreline open to public development, it offers the best chance to escape the city's bustle and find a place to reconnect with nature and take in Sardis Lake's natural beauty. 


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