Thredbo, Australia

Thredbo is an alpine village and a ski resort situated in the Snowy Mountains region of the Australian State of New South Wales. The ski resort is located in a portion of the Snowy Monaro Regional Council, and since 1987, it has been managed by an Australian company named “Event Hospitality and Entertainment.” As per the latest census, the Thredbo village has a permanent population of 471 people. The Thredbo village serves as a popular tourist destination attracting thousands of visitors during the summer and the winter months.

Geography Of Thredbo

Lodges at Thredbo, Australia
Lodges at Thredbo in Kosciuszko National Park, Australia. 

The Thredbo village is situated in the Thredbo River valley at the base of the Ramshead Range. The village is located below the snowline on the Alpine Way, about 43km from the town of Jindabyne 500km south of the capital city of Sydney, 546km northeast of Melbourne, and 213km southwest of Canberra. Located within New South Wales’s Kosciuszko National Park, this Australian ski resort was modeled after a European-style alpine settlement that reflected the heritage of the workers working in the Snowy Mountains Scheme hydroelectricity and irrigation complex. Thredbo features beautiful lodges, wooden houses with steep roofs, spectacular mountain walks, shopping centers, and nightlife, all of which make Thredbo an important ski town in Australia’s Snowy Mountains region.

Skiers skiing at Thredbo, Australia
Skiers are skiing on the slow slopes of Thredbo, located at the heart of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. Editorial credit: litttree /

Thredbo has the highest lifted point at an elevation of 2,037m and contains the steepest overall terrain among all the ski resorts in mainland Australia. Many private adventure companies organize backcountry ski tours to Mount Kosciuszko and many other locations from this highest access point at Karels T-Bar. There are more than 50 ski runs, 14 lifts in Thredbo, and about 480 hectares of skiing terrain in Thredbo. When the mountains are fully covered by snow during winters, Thredbo contains the longest ski runs in the country that attracts approximately 700,000 winter visitors every year. The primary attraction of Thredbo is the snowfields between June and October that attract large groups of enthusiastic skiers. In addition to skiing, Thredbo offers many summer recreational activities, including Alpine hiking, rock climbing, cross-country cycling, abseiling, horse riding, fishing, mountain bicycling, downhill MTB riding, etc. Besides this, the village also hosts a blues music festival and attracts about 300, 000 summer visitors every year. Thredbo has many terrain parks, including Antons Park, Cruiser Park, Merrits Park, Ridercross, and Wombat Park.


Night Lightning Skiing at Thredbo ski resort
Night Lightning skiing with a red torch at Thredbo ski resort, during winters at dusk with illuminated pink clouds. 

According to the Köppen climate classification, the Thredbo village experiences a cold oceanic climate with mild summers and cold, snowy winters. The average temperatures in the Thredbo village range between -14.7°C to 33.5°C. According to the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia, as the village lies between 1,100m to 1,400m, it experiences a montane grasslands climate. As per the Köppen climate classification, the Thredbo Top Station experiences a subalpine climate with cool summers and frigid winters. According to the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia, as the Thredbo Top Station lies above 1,800m, it experiences an Alpine climate. The Thredbo Top Station also receives an average of about 56.9cm of snowfall annually.

Brief History Of Thredbo

Hiking in Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia
As the snow melts in spring & pristine waters flow into streams, the winter wonderland of Thredbo in Kosciuszko National Park changes into alpine trails for hiking and trekking. Editorial credit: Willowtreehouse /

It is believed that the area was inhabited by the four Aboriginal groups, namely, the Ngarigo, Wiradjuri, Wolgalu, and Yaitmathang, for thousands of years. The area’s name “Thredbo” has also been attributed to these Aboriginal groups. The mountains in the area were first sighted by Captain Currie and Major Ovens in 1823. The explorer Stewart Ryrie traveled through the area in 1840, and in the same year, Count Paul Edmund Strzelecki – the Polish-born explorer, reached the summit of Mount Kosciuszko. In the 1860s, with the Thredbo gold diggings, the village of Thredbo came into existence. In 1906, tourism started in the Snowy Mountains region. The Kosciuszko Chairlift and Thredbo Hotel Syndicate were set up by a Czech named Tony Sponar in 1955. On July 30, 1997, a catastrophic landslide occurred at Thredbo village and ski resort that destroyed two ski lodges and killed about 18 people.