The Berkshire Hills seen from atop Mohawk Mountain with fall colors in Cornwall Connecticut. Image credit Alexanderstock23 via Shutterstock.

The Least-Crowded Towns In Connecticut To Catch Fall Foliage

Connecticut, also known as the Nutmeg State, is a popular destination, particularly during the fall season. Having earned its title as the number one hiking state, Connecticut's towns come to life in autumn when the already-gorgeous, dense forests and vegetation change color to vibrant orange, yellow, and red hues. From the charming town of Kent to the quaint town of Norfolk, Connecticut offers some of the prettiest and least populated regions to experience the season, thus making any fall foliage trip here serene and scenic. 


Early Autumn at Macedonia Falls State Park in Kent, Connecticut, USA.
Early autumn at Macedonia Falls State Park in Kent, Connecticut.

With a population of less than 2,000, the small town is a great place to catch fall foliage. Located on the state's northwest corner, Kent's Macedonia Brook State Park is where fall colors become the most vibrant. The White Blazed Cobble Mountain Trail is a secluded and quiet trail that overlooks the Taconic and Catskill Mountains. The town is approximately two hours away from New York City and is perfect for visitors looking for an unpopular and lowkey spot to enjoy the autumnal ambiance. Kent also offers various activities such as apple picking, kayaking, and hiking in Kent State Park which are ideal during September and October. 


Bridge in Cornwall, Connecticut over Houstanic River
Bridge in Cornwall, Connecticut over the Housatonic River.

Known for its scenic hills and vibrant foliage, Cornwall is only 11 miles away from Kent. The quiet town has become a wildlife sanctuary for black spruce bog, a unique plant that you can find at Mohawk Mountain State Park. Its rocky hills and mountainous trails have made it popular amongst hikers, earning the state its reputation as the number one state in America for hiking. These tails are very difficult and have great biodiversity, so make sure you are well-equipped before endeavoring this hike! For those looking for a calm, lazy getaway, you can always enjoy a stroll by the scenic West Wall Cornwall Bridge which overlooks the Housatonic River and breathtaking greenery. 


Fall Colors in Bethlehem, Connecticut
Fall colors in Bethlehem, Connecticut.

Only one hour away from Hartford, Bethlehem is best known for its beautiful farms and breathtaking views. The calm town is only populated by 3,000 people and is home to the White Memorial Conservation Centre, a popular destination for visitors during the fall. One of the most unique activities to do in Bethlehem is visiting Lilymoore Alpaca Farm, a lovely home for alpacas, huarizos, and llamas. For visitors looking to take a nice hike, take the public trail leading to Nonnewaug Falls and enjoy its greenery and plantation. However, the trail behind the waterfall is not open to the public, so make sure you take the correct trail to the waterfall. 


 Circa 1680 wooden clapboard Hurd House, headquarters of the Old Woodbury Historical Society, with its stone central chimney
 Circa 1680; Hurd House, Old Woodbury Historical Society. Image credit LEE SNIDER PHOTO IMAGES via Shutterstock.

Woodbury is located in western Connecticut and is home to the Highwire Deer and Animal Farm, a farm that houses several species of deer, horses, zebras, and much more! Woodbury is the perfect place to catch Spooky Season as well. Fall-fest events such as Flashlight Night at the Corn Maze and The Carribean-Themed Corn Maze Adventure are held at The Farm in Woodbury. If you prefer a cozy night inside, you can visit Farmhouse Antiques and enjoy its lowkey vibes while the leaves cascade outside the window. 

New Preston

Macricostas Preserve in New Preston, Connecticut
Macricostas Preserve in New Preston, Connecticut.

New Preston is a rural town located in Litchfield County’s northwestern corner. Populated by almost 800 people, the quiet town is a perfect destination for a calm and scenic fall retreat. The dense forests and rich biodiversity are most vibrant during the fall. The best spot to catch these colorful views is the Macricostas Preserve. Its hiking trails overlook Lake Waramaug, and its shore is ideal for viewing the landscape and colorful trees during the fall. Make sure to pack a camera; the views are stunning!


Lake Waramaug near Hopkins Vineyard in Warren, CT. View of the lake through trees.
Lake Waramaug near Hopkins Vineyard in Warren, CT. View of the lake through trees.

Located in the state's most scenic county, Warren is a town in northwest Connecticut and is home to less than 1,000 residents. The scenic Route 7 ends in Warren, which stretches 308 miles and passes through the Housatonic Meadows Park up to Falls Village. If hiking and camping are not your cup of tea, opt for a visit to the Hopkins Vineyard and enjoy some wine! This vineyard also overlooks Lake Waramaug. Make sure to add this quiet town to your Connecticut travel list and catch the town's wonderful views, especially in autumn!

North Canaan

Blackberry River dam at Beckley Iron Furnace in the town of North Canaan.
Blackberry River dam at Beckley Iron Furnace in the town of North Canaan.

North Canaan is a town in Litchfield County and is part of the Northwest Hills Planning Region. The relatively small town is ideal for a calm and scenic getaway. The town’s most popular monument is the Beckley Furnace which has historic industrial monuments. The town was founded in 1818, and the historic contributions of the town have been in the iron industry. This monument is located in the Connecticut State Park which also has many beautiful trails and is set in the heart of a dense forest. The park is perfect for an educational school trip during the fall season and a great destination to experience a nice fall walk.  


Fall foliage on the shoreline encircling Pond Hill Pond in Norfolk, Connecticut
Fall foliage on the shoreline encircling Pond Hill Pond in Norfolk, Connecticut

Located in the northwestern corner of Connecticut, the town's vibrant fall colors have made it ideal for fall foliage. The town is home to 3 state parks as well as the best spot to view the greenery: Norfolk’s Haystack Mountain which leads guests up to a historic stone tower at the top. The town also holds many Octoberfest events, such as the Annual Haystack Mountain Challenge. For visitors who are short on time and cannot stay in town, be sure to drive by the scenic Loop 2 Route which overlooks historic New England architecture and breathtaking scenes, which are particularly breathtaking in autumn.


From breathtaking mountain views to alpaca petting zoos, fall is truly the best time to make a trip to Connecticut. Peak color is between early October and early November. The northernmost corners are the first to become cold and experience the foliage firsthand. The westernmost towns have the densest plantations and are ideal for hiking and camping. However, no matter which region prospective visitors plan on, they will be met with gorgeous foliage throughout. 

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