Recreation Area in forest with colorful wooded hills in the background on a sunny autumn day in Kent, Connecticut

Kent, Connecticut

Kent is a big town situated in Litchfield County in the northwestern portion of the US State of Connecticut. The town is located along the border with New York and is home to former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Incorporated in 1739, Kent was once a flourishing iron ore manufacturer and farming community. Today, the town is an urban residential community with many small neighborhoods, including Flanders, Macedonia, and Bulls Bridge.

Geography And Climate Of Kent

Fall Colors in Kent, Connecticut
Fall Colors in Kent, Connecticut. 

The town covers a total area of 128.4 sq. km, of which 125.7 sq. km is occupied by land, and 2.7 sq. km is covered by water. The town hosts Bulls Bridge, which is one of two covered bridges in the state that is open to vehicles. The town is divided by the Housatonic River, where the western half includes Macedonia Brook State Park, the Schaghticoke Indian Reservation, as well as a section of the Appalachian Trail. Kent is surrounded by Sherman and New Milford from the south, Washington and Warren from the east, Cornwall from the northeast, Sharon from the north, and a border with New York through Dover and Amenia from the west.

The climate in Kent is continental, with warm wet summers and freezing snowy winters, with partly cloudy around the year. The temperatures seasonally vary between -9 °C and 27 °C and are hardly below -17°C or above 31°C. For tourists, the best time to visit Kent for warm-weather recreational activities is between June and September.

Brief History Of Kent

Bulls Bridge is a covered bridge over the Housatonic River in Kent, Connecticut
Bulls Bridge is a covered bridge over the Housatonic River in Kent, Connecticut. Editorial credit: Miro Vrlik Photography /

Incorporated in 1739, Kent has been a farming society and an iron ore manufacturing center. It is now a modern community that hosts 3,000 residents with many small communities, including Bulls Bridge, Kent Hollow, South Kent, and Cobble. Initially, the town contained Warren and a part of Washington. Then in 1784, the current borders were founded, with Warren and Washington being separate towns. Land speculation was widespread during the early colonization of Connecticut's "Western Lands," including the town of Kent.  

The Population And Economy Of Kent

As per the latest US Census, Kent has a population of 3,019 residents. The US-born citizens make up a total of 92.43% of the Kent residents, while 1.11% of the population is represented by non-citizens.

Other than farming and iron ore manufacturing, which were the primary sectors in the town since ever, tourism and education started interfering and have become the major sectors in the town currently. Today, the economic structure in Kent is basically relying on educational services covering more than 25% of the job market. In addition to education, other sectors like retail trade, healthcare, and social assistance services contribute to the town’s economic activities. The average annual income of a Kent resident is $38,504, undergoing a 6.4% sales tax and 5.5% income tax.

Top Attractions In Kent

Macedonia Brook State Park

A cabin at Macedonia State Park in Kent, Connecticut
A cabin at Macedonia State Park in Kent, Connecticut. 

Macedonia Brook State Park stretches over 2,300 acres and is used for outdoor recreation throughout the year. In addition to the scenic beauty of Appalachia, the park also hosts widespread trails, campgrounds, a picnic venue, a small lake, and the famous Macedonia Brook. Moreover, visitors can make use of the many grills that are set up around the park. Furthermore, hikers can experience the fantastic views of the Catskill Mountains and the Taconic Mountains, overlooking views on the Blue Trail. This public recreation area was first opened in 1918.

Kent Falls State Park

The main waterfall at Kent Falls State Park in Kent, Connecticut
The main waterfall at Kent Falls State Park in Kent, Connecticut, with fall foliage on the banks of Falls Brook. 

Often named "The Jewel of the Inland Parks," Kent Falls State Park hosts a scenic view of 17 charming waterfalls. These falls are fed by swamps that are situated in Warren and drain immediately into the Housatonic River, which lies across the street from the park. A steep trail covers a quarter of a mile up along the falls, rising about 250 feet in just a quarter-mile. The trail was renovated in 2006, which provided new viewing platforms and a redesigned trail. The park is recognized as a Trout Park and is supplied with trout from the state's hatcheries.

Antique locomotives on display at the Connecticut Antique Machinery Association in Kent, Connecticut
Antique locomotives on display at the Connecticut Antique Machinery Association in Kent, Connecticut. Editorial credit: Marcelo Murillo /

In addition to the above attractions, Kent hosts a variety of other points of interest like the Bulls Bridge, Sloane-Stanley Museum, and the Connecticut Machinery Association. From the museum grounds in the middle of old Kent, a visitor can peek across the Housatonic River to the contentious Western Lands and then head south to walk down the Main Street of an ideal New England town.

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