The historic village of downtown Buckhannon. Image credit Malachi Jacobs via Shutterstock. 

8 Cutest Small Towns In West Virginia

Most people have heard of the cities of Wheeling, Morgantown, and Charleston, West Virginia. Although, many are not aware of the many hidden wonders this state has within its borders. The ancient Adena people, early settlers, and native tribes all contributed to making West Virginia what it is today. Read on to better understand these many people groups and their influence on West Virginia's lesser-known townships, and how they have transitioned into some of the cutest small towns in West Virginia!

1. Moundsville 

Monument on top of the Moundsville mound, showing the 4 cardinal directions.
Monument on top of the Moundsville mound. Image credit Myrrdent via Shutterstock.

Moundsville is within the county seat of Marshall County, West Virginia. The town is just south of Wheeling and the Northern Panhandle of the state. Moundsville gets its name from a large dirt and stone mound in the center of the town. This mound was given the name "Grave Creek Mound" due to the presence of native buried remains. While the exact use is unknown, it seems to have been made for ceremonial burials. Most historians agree that this mound was built by prehistoric native peoples, known as the Adena culture. Today, the town is a quiet, cute, southern town. The main drive has several shops and restaurants lining the roadways, which make for some good shopping and eating!

2. Buckhannon

Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia, USA, historic village
The historic village of downtown Buckhannon. Image credit Malachi Jacobs via Shutterstock. 

Buckhannon Township is in northeastern West Virginia. It is the only official town in Upshur County south of Morgantown. The town's name is derived from the name of the nearby Buckhannon River. The township is not very large and is home to about 5,000 residents. It was founded in 1816, but the first European settlers were two British deserters of the French and Indian War. Reportedly, they lived in a hollow Sycamore tree that lies today just outside the town's borders. The Wesleyan College is one of the largest buildings in the town and adds to the beauty and class of the town's neighborhoods. Visitors can also visit the annual Strawberry Festival and explore the forests lining the local streams and rivers.

3. Shepherdstown

Aerial view of the Shepherdstown Pike Bridge that connects Sharpsburg, MD to Shepherdstown, WV.
Aerial view of the Shepherdstown Pike Bridge. Image credit Pereze75 via Shutterstock.

Shepherdstown is a small town with just over 1,000 residents. It is located in Jefferson County on the eastern panhandle. Along with Romney, Shepherdstown is one of the oldest towns in West Virginia! Shepherdstown and Romney were established in 1762 by the House of Burgesses in Virginia. These towns were originally part of the state of Virginia since West Virginia was not established until the Civil War when it split from Virginia. Shepherdstown is full of natural beauty and wonders as part of the Shenandoah Valley, which offer picturesque vistas to take many cute selfies! The Potomac River also flows near the town, an important crossing point in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. 

4. Elkins

Tourists ready to board Tygart Flyer ready for trip into mountains of West Virginia by Durbin and Greenbrier Vallery Railroad
Tourists ready to board the Tygart Flyer in Elkins. Image credit Steve Heap via Shutterstock.

Elkins is located to the west of the eastern panhandle and is the county seat of Randolph County. It has a respectably sized population of between 6-7,000 residents and an area of 3.633 square miles (9.4 square kilometers). Founded in 1890, Elkins was named after one of its primary founders and prominent senator, Stephen Benton Elkins. However, one of the earliest European settlers of the region was Thomas Skidmore. Skidmore was granted 400 acres near the Tygart River Valley sometime before 1778. The Mountain State Forest Festival is one of the main highlights of this small town. It is held annually in October and offers a fun boost to the local economy. 

5. Point Pleasant 

Sternwheeler Queen of the Mississippi docked on Ohio River
Sternwheeler Queen of the Mississippi docked on Ohio River. Image credit Jack R Perry Photography via Shuttertstock.

Point Pleasant is located in northwestern West Virginia in Mason County. It has a relatively small population of approximately 4,000 residents. The area consists of 3.09 square miles or 8.02 square kilometers. The town is mountainous, with Tu-Endie-Wei State Park being one of the main natural attractions. The legend of the Mothman is also prevalently discussed and is present in much of the local folklore. People interested in cryptids and local legends will love Point Pleasant and its many stories of this mysterious figure. 

6. Kingwood 

Delta Chi fraternity house at West Virginia University in Morgantown WV
Delta Chi fraternity house at West Virginia University. Image credit Steve Heap via Shutterstock.

Kingwood is located in northern West Virginia, nestled between the northern and eastern panhandles. It is part of the Morgantown downtown area in Preston County. Kingwood stretches for 2.43 square miles (6.29 square kilometers) with just under 3,000 residents. The town was first officially established by the Virginia State Assembly in 1811. However, settlers first established themselves in the area in the late 1700s. Even today, The Kingwood Historic District is one of the loveliest regions of the neighborhood. Visitors can stroll through the cute streets and can catch glimpses of several historic houses previously owned by prominent men, such as the James Clark McGrew House. 

7. Summersville

Aerial view of Summersville, Nicholas County, West Virginia, USA
Aerial view of Summersville,West Virginia. Image credit Malachi Jacobs via Shutterstock.

Summerville is located in central West Virginia, not far from Charleston to the west. It is the county seat of Nicholas County. Summersville has a population of approximately 3,500 residents and is 4.53 square miles (11.73 square kilometers). 

The town gets its name from the Honorable Lewis Summers, a local judge who was integral in the town's formation. The town's borders were officially laid out in 1824, the unofficial date of its foundation. Summersville was mostly destroyed during the civil war and had to be mostly rebuilt after the conflict. The Gauley River largely dominates the local wilderness. This river is a great place for whitewater rafting, although it can be rough and challenging for beginners. Summersville Lake is a better spot for fishers and other low-intensity water activities. 

8. Seebert

Group of people tourists standing on trail boardwalk in autumn fall at Cranberry Glades Wilderness, West Virginia at Allegheny mountains Monongahela national forest
 Boardwalk in autumn fall at Cranberry Glades Wilderness, West Virginia. Image credit Kristi Blokhin via Shutterstock.

Seibert is located in southern West Virginia, just east of Hillsboro township. It is a cute, small town in Pocohantas County but has never been officially incorporated or established. Since it has never been officially established, it has no exact number of residents or surface area! Although, it is nestled in a nice, rural area of the state. This makes it a good spot for anyone hoping to have fun outdoors and get in some hiking on their travels. 


West Virginia is a beautiful state just south of Pennsylvania and east of Maryland and Delaware. It has a beautifully rich history of both native and colonial settlers. The small towns are quintessentially cute, with their small populations and proximity to natural beauty, they make for a great day trip or an even longer stay! The Adena people are probably one of the most fascinating parts of the state's history, and anyone visiting should stop and see the mounds they constructed. 

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