The Overfalls Lightship in Lewes, Delaware.

7 Most Unique Delaware Towns

Delaware, known as The First State, has played a vital role in American history, culture, and art. The state is also home to some of the most unique towns on the East Coast, making it a popular destination amongst tourists. The most unique towns are scattered around Sussex County and southern Delaware due to the rich biodiversity and historical significance of these areas, which witnessed some of the oldest running ferries, inns, and museums.


Historic sign for the Woodland Ferry, which connects Laurel to Seaford Delaware.
Historic sign for the Woodland Ferry, which connects Laurel to Seaford, Delaware. Image credit Dee Dalasio via Shutterstock

Laurel, a town located in southern Delaware, is populated by almost 4,000 residents. The town’s many attractions have made it one of the most unique towns in the area. The town is most vibrant during the fall and spring, where events like the Annual Trunk or Treat  take place. Lakeside Greenhouses also showcase the town's beautiful plantations and vegetation. The Laurel Historical Society has made numerous contributions to tourism in the town, including the Laurel Heritage Museum and several restored historic homes. Make sure to add Janosik Park to your list if you’re stopping by this unique town.


Selbyville Library in Selbyville, Delaware.
Selbyville Library in Selbyville, Delaware.

Known as the "gateway to the beaches," Selbyville is located in Sussex County and is a must-visit if you are in south Delaware. Selbyville has many historical sights, such as the Railroad Museum and the Freeman Stage. The town's pristine beaches have made it an ideal place to visit during the summer, with nearby Fenwick Island State Park being the main retreat for visitors and tourists. You can also stop by the Fenwick Wine Cellar to check out their collections and go wine tasting.


Overlooking waterfront homes near Millsboro, Delaware.
Waterfront homes near Millsboro, Delaware.

The Indian River passes through the southern town of Millsboro, contributing to its beautiful landscape and greenery. The charming town is populated by only 7,000 people, making it the ideal place for a quiet, laid-back vacation. You can see the river as you hike through the Edward H. McCabe Nature Preserve or go golfing at the scenic Baywood Greens Golf Course. You can also check out the Nanticoke Indian Museum to make the most out of your trip to Millsboro.


Purple house along Savannah Road in Lewes, Delaware.
Purple house along Savannah Road in Lewes, Delaware.

Populated by almost 3,500 residents, Lewes is a gorgeous and must-visit town in Delaware! If you want to make the most out of the town's sandy beaches, you can go deep-sea fishing with Martha Marie Fishing Charters or go on an adventure with Quest Kayak Guided Tours and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Make sure you add the scenic Cape Henlopen State Park to your bucket place to enjoy colorful sunsets and warm sand. The Zwaanendael Museum is a great place to supplement your trip and learn more about the historical importance of the town. 


Former Bridgeville Public Library in Bridgeville, now a curio shop.
Former Bridgeville Public Library in Bridgeville, now a curio shop.

The cute Delaware town of Bridgeville is part of the Maryland-Delaware Statistical Area and attracts tourists with its rich heritage and antique shops. The Antique Alley of Bridgeville is the town's most attractive spot and a landmark in Sussex County. The shops also frequently organize events for kids' painting, craft workshops, and massive sales on antiques. The town boasts its reputation as Delaware’s Front Porch. You can visit the town's Bridgeville Fire House Museum and meet members of the Bridgeville Historical Society. 


Capt. Ebe Chandler House listed on the NRHP on September 20, 1979 At Main and Reed Sts., Frankford, Sussex County, Delaware.
Capt. Ebe Chandler House at Main and Reed Sts., Frankford, Sussex County, Delaware. Image credit Smallbones, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Frankford is a unique destination, known for its iconic Capt. Ebe Chandler House on Main Street, constructed in 1880. The town is home to less than 1,000 people in Sussex County. You can visit the Salted Vines Vineyard and take a look at the vast plantation and old winery. If you are feeling adventurous, you can visit the Great Cypress Swamp and take a look at the 60,000-acre swamp. You can have a more relaxed trip at the Barn Hill Preserve. The preserve has many cool animals; from easygoing sloths to adorable sea otters.


Looking down Seaford, Delaware's High Street.
Seaford, Delaware's High Street. Image credit Levelhead at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in south Delaware, one of the oldest-founded towns, Seaford, holds plenty of local events and is infamous for its delicious oysters at Harbor House Seafood. The town owes its greenery and dense forests to the Nanticoke River, which passes through the town. You can get a glimpse of the river while driving by the Nanticoke Heritage Byway and Woodland Ferry. The ferry is one of the oldest ones running and is perfect for catching sunsets and taking walks. If you don’t have time to stop by the town, you can drive by the route that passes through Seaford, Bethel, and Laurel before winding up at Trap Pond State Park.

From secluded mountain peaks to bustling festivals, you can never run out of things while in these Delaware towns. More importantly, these small towns are not very crowded and renowned for their hospitality and homely feel. If you are looking for new experiences, destinations, and sights, make sure you add these towns to your list!

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