Dingman's Creek at George W. Childs State Forest Park in Dingman's Ferry, PA

7 Most Affordable Towns To Retire In The Poconos

The Poconos are often among the most sought-after retirement destinations in the United States. This scenic region in Pennsylvania is traversed by raging rivers, riddled with picturesque trails, and enveloped by enchanting mountain vistas. Plus, a retiree here will enjoy the ease of commute to both New York City and Philadelphia, venues of astounding cultural attractions and big-city amenities. For those who want to retire on the cheap, the following seven towns are among the most affordable in the Poconos.

Mount Pleasant

Historic district in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
Historic district in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Image credit: Canadian2006 via Wikimedia Commons.

Boasting a delicious array of small, locally-owned restaurants ( The Village is known for its melt-in-the-mouth Gnocchi), beautifully landscaped wineries such as the aptly named Greendance, and picturesque outdoor venues such as the Coal and Coke Trail, which often feels like stepping back into a bygone industrial era, Mount Pleasant can keep a retiree active and engaged. Since Pittsburg is just 50 minutes down the road, this town provides awesome access to big-city amenities. That said, Excela Health Frick Hospital is right in town and has been serving residents in the area for 20 years. Mount Pleasant particularly scores big on affordability. In March 2024, the median listing home price in Mount Pleasant was a pocket-friendly $194,900. Also, the town’s median age is a calm and tranquil 51, implying an empty nester here will effortlessly find folks in the same age bracket to share experiences with.


Colorful autumn foliage in the Blue Mountain Resort Palmerton, Pennsylvania.
Colorful autumn foliage in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

Palmerton was once home to the New Jersey Zinc Company, the largest zinc producer in the United States. It was named for Stephen Palmer, who was once head of the company. Today, Palmerton is quaint, relatively secluded, and provides a lovely, laid-back setting for retirement. Blue Mountain Resort, arguably the best resort for outdoor fun in the Keystone State, is in Palmerton’s backyard. Once in a while, a retiree in Palmerton will want to enjoy a yummy brunch at Slopeside Pub & Grill, a woodsy-chic lounge nestled on top of Blue Mountain. And because it is conveniently close to the picturesque Lehigh Valley, this town provides unmatched access to outdoor fun and adventure. In March 2024, Palmerton's median home listing price was $249,900, earning it a spot among the most affordable towns to retire in the Poconos. There is no need to worry about healthcare access here: Saint Luke's Hospital Carbon is just next door in Lehighton. Finally, Palmerton’s median age is 41, a sweet spot between young and old.


Main Street buildings in Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Main Street buildings in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Editorial credit: Nina Alizada / Shutterstock.com.

Because it welcomed the first steam locomotive to run on US commercial tracks, Honesdale has been called the “Birthplace of the American Railroad.” The Wayne County Historical Society Museum celebrates the town's history and railroad heritage. It houses a full-size replica of the first locomotive in the nation to run on commercial tracks. That said, Honesdale earns a spot here because homes in the town fetch a median listing price of just $287,000. A retiree will love many sites in Honesdale, including Central Park, the venue that inspired the famous Christmas tune "Winter Wonderland."In downtown Honesdale, museums sit side by side with fancy boutiques and classy eateries, including Native, where one can enjoy a plate of yummy Spanish octopus, especially in the last 20 minutes of daylight. On the medical front, Wayne Memorial Hospital is a 2024 Outstanding Patient Experience Award recipient. Finally, Honesdale’s median age is 42, which is a charming middle ground between wild and sedate.


Weatherly, Pennsylvania
Weatherly, Pennsylvania

Boasting a median home listing price of $282,500 as of March 2024, Weatherly provides an easy-on-the-pocket retirement experience. That price point comes with access to the trail-laden Buck Mountain, Eckley Miners' Village (an authentic 19th-century coal patch town), and Eurana Park, which features a pool-like lake, a disc golf course, and a picturesque trail. In a medical emergency, Lehigh Valley Hospital is a short, 15-minute drive away in Hazleton. Boasting a median age of 44, an empty nester here should expect to meet folks in the same age bracket. Many of these will be candidates for light, fireside chats or deep, thought-provoking conversations.

Dingmans Ferry

Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania. Editorial credit: EWY Media / Shutterstock.com
Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania. Editorial credit: EWY Media / Shutterstock.com

Retiring in Dingmans Ferry comes with being excitingly close to the wild and scenic Deleware River, the lovely, out-and-back Hornbecks Trail (it goes through a sparkling waterfall), and Dingmans Falls, the second highest waterfall in Pennsylvania with a drop of 130 feet. In March 2024, the median listing home price in Dingmans Ferry was just $274,700. A retiree here can own property on the cheap and also enjoy top-notch outdoor fun and adventure. While this dainty town does not score big on amenities, Newton, New Jersey, is just about 18 miles down the road. It hosts the Newton Medical Center, a 2024 recipient of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Critical Care Award. Then, this town boasts a median age of about 45, making it ideal for retirees who love a slightly subdued social landscape.

Smithfield Township

Smithfield Township, Pennsylvania.
Shawnee-Minisink Site in Smithfield Township, Pennsylvania. Image credit: Jerrye & Roy Klotz via Wikimedia Commons.

It will be difficult to find a more affordable Pocono town than Smithfield Township. Homes here fetch a median listing price of 189,950. Considering what it offers, including access to the nearby Delaware River, which provides a world of outdoor fun and adventure; Pocono Snake & Animal Farm (where crocodiles and monkeys teach a few life lessons), and the trail-ridden Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, this price point is nothing but a steal. Plus, accessing desirable amenities, including hospitals, should not make a retiree scratch her head since the distance between Smithfield and downtown Stroudsburg is just 5 miles. Smithfield boasts a median age of 44, which is not wild and not lifeless. But it scores big on diversity as evidenced by the fact Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics comprise 55%, 23%, and 18% of the population, respectively. As many have observed, diverse towns tend to be more welcoming and accommodating, and Smithfield Township is not an exception.


Lake Ladore in Waymart, Pennsylvania
Lake Ladore in Waymart, Pennsylvania

A backwoods place with warm, sunny-faced folks, Waymart is easy to fall in love with. Fortunately, it is also among the most affordable towns in Poconos to retire. The median listing home price in Waymart was $314,000 in March 2024. This hangs close to Pennsylvania’s median home listing price, which was $299,000 in February 2024. While a retiree here will find essentials in town, Scranton is a convenient 24 miles away. Honesdale is even closer: just 9 miles away. Honesdale hosts the award-winning Wayne Memorial Hospital, so a retiree should not be concerned about healthcare access. The beautiful Lake Ladore and the camp that encircles it often serve as lovely weekend getaways. Other attractions include Keene Lake and Keen Lake Camping Cottage Resort, a wonderful campground on a serene, beautiful lake. Finally, this town’s median age is 38; hence, retirees here will retain their young, child-like sparkle.

The Takeaway

If you have always wanted to experience delicious mountain vistas, live right on the water, and yet be within a heartbeat of good hospitals and local grocery stores, you should seriously consider the Poconos region. Retiring here is an outdoor lover’s dream. Plus, Pennsylvania does not tax retirement income, including 401(k). Retirees who do not want to pour out their lifetime savings on a home will have many options to choose from. These range from Smithfield Township, which boasts a median home listing price of just $189,950— to Waymart, whose median home listing price is $314,000.

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