Night view of the historical building in Guthrie. Editorial credit: Kit Leong /

6 Towns Perfect for Retirement in Oklahoma

An ideal retirement means every day you can wake up, relax, and settle into the hobbies you love.

With affordable living costs and low crime rates, Oklahoma's small towns are a great option to do just that. They offer a mix of cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and community events to enjoy during your retirement.

Additionally, these locales are rich with historical sites, engaging museums, and lively local celebrations, ensuring there's always something new to explore and enjoy. It really has something for everything, from historical towns to the great outdoors.

See for yourself how retiring in Oklahoma lets you live a good life without spending a lot of money. Read on to find out about six towns perfect for retirement in Oklahoma.


Sunny view of the Ryerson Hall of Northwestern Oklahoma State University at Oklahoma.
Sunny view of the Ryerson Hall of Northwestern Oklahoma State University at Oklahoma.

This town has a long educational tradition, and it is home to the main campus of Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Alva has some great things going for it. The average price to buy a house here is very affordable, vastly lower than the national average. Also, renting a place to live costs less than the national average. Oh, and it has low crime. Not a bad combination, right?

The town is a quiet, calm place to spend your days with beautiful old buildings to see. One of those is the Woods County Courthouse, a heritage building that symbolizes Alva’s rich role in the development of Northwestern Oklahoma.

Near Alva, you can visit the Alabaster Caverns State Park, the biggest public natural gypsum cave in the world. People love to explore the caves and go on tours there, making it a great spot for those who enjoy learning about geology and the Earth's natural wonders.

Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Editorial credit: rawf8 /
Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Editorial credit: rawf8 /

Broken Arrow began as an Indigenous community of the Creek people. Nowadays, the town is known for having low crime and affordable houses. This makes it a top pick for folks wanting to enjoy their retirement in peace.

For those who love being outdoors, Broken Arrow is full of parks and spots for fun outside. One of the biggest spots is Ray Harral Nature Park. It has a center where you can learn about the surrounding nature, paths to stroll on, and a suspension bridge to cross over if you are ok with heights.

The town is home to a museum called the Broken Arrow Historical Society Museum. It teaches about the region’s involved history, and you can learn things about Native American history, the very first school in Broken Arrow, and see a variety of important antique items.


Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Editorial credit: MWaits /
Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Editorial credit: MWaits /

Found in the northern borders of Oklahoma, close to Kansas, Bartlesville is a wonderful place for retirement. This town's living costs are affordable, with the average house around $239,300. So, it is a good choice for retirees looking to make their retirement money go further.

Bartlesville is also known for the Price Tower. The structure is the only skyscraper Frank Lloyd Wright ever finished. It has 19 floors and is a great example of Wright's special design. It is now home to a museum, a hotel, and several businesses.

The OKM Music Festival, once known as the Oklahoma Mozart Festival, is among the longest-running music events in Oklahoma. This town’s festival gives folks a variety of different music and performances to take in.

For the active retiree, the Pathfinder Parkway is a network of trails stretching through Bartlesville and alongside the Caney River. It is a focal point for outdoor activities in the city and provides a beautiful, natural escape.

Ponca City

Ponca City, Oklahoma United States. Editorial credit: Sabrina Janelle Gordon /
Ponca City, Oklahoma, United States. Editorial credit: Sabrina Janelle Gordon /

This town's median house price is $110,400, making it a budget-friendly place to live once you retire. Ponca City is not only affordable but also one of the state's cultural gems, with tons of interesting landmarks to explore in your free time.

The town is home to the Marland Mansion, built by a former oil baron and state governor. People call it the "Palace on the Prairie" because of how grand it is, with its sprawling 55 rooms. The design is unique, mixing parts of old-world Renaissance and Mediterranean looks.

In the town, there is a big 27-foot statue made of bronze known as the Pioneer Woman Statue. It honors the brave women who helped settle Oklahoma when it was first becoming a state.

There is lots to do here for any retiree. Every June, the city comes alive with the Ponca City Herb Festival. This event is all about herbs, plants, and gardening. People from all over come to enjoy this beloved local tradition.

Medicine Park

Medicine Creek in Medicine Park, Oklahoma.
Medicine Creek in Medicine Park, Oklahoma.

In the gorgeous rolling mountains of the Wichita Range, Medicine Park offers a picturesque location to call home after retirement.

There is lots to do around the town, like the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, a great place for hiking and enjoying nature. Lake Lawtonka is close, too, where you can go boating, fishing, and try different water activities.

In Medicine Park, the use of smooth, round cobblestones for building many of its structures really makes the area stand out. This special style gives the town a cozy and old-fashioned feel.

While in town, don't pass on Bath Lake. This natural swimming spot is found in the middle of Medicine Park. The water in the lake flows from Medicine Creek and is a popular spot to cool off during the long summer months.

The town is proud to host all sorts of music festivals, live shows, and art happenings that attract people from all over the state. The Medicine Park Flute Festival and the yearly Rockin' the Park concerts are some of the best examples of those.


Sunny exterior view of the Guthrie old town. Editorial credit: Kit Leong /
Sunny exterior view of the Guthrie old town. Editorial credit: Kit Leong /

Guthrie offers a peaceful way of life with its calm, idyllic atmosphere and its collection of options to keep busy and involved. Buying a home or renting in this area is a smart move for retirees looking to stretch their retirement savings since the costs here are below the national average.

There are plenty of things here to keep you busy, including exploring places like the Oklahoma Territorial Museum and Carnegie Library.

The Scottish Rite Temple in Guthrie is a real standout to see when you live here, with its Masonic history and its fantastic interior design. Guided tours are available, offering insight into the building’s history and Masonic culture.

This place is also a lively town with lots of activities. Depending on when you visit, you could join in on local events like the Guthrie Escape Art, Wine & Music Festival, or evenings on the Victorian Walk Nights in the holiday season.

Oklahoma's small towns offer retirees a blend of affordability, safety, and rich cultural experiences. Whether you are drawn to Ponca City's historical landmarks, Broken Arrow's outdoor activities, or Guthrie's lively events, each town provides unique opportunities to enjoy a fulfilling and economically sensible retirement. So, if these features sound right to you, start exploring your options to discover a lifestyle that combines tranquility with engaging community life for that perfect retirement.

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