View of the beach along Henderson Point near Long Beach, Mississippi.

6 Towns Perfect for Retirement in Mississippi

Retiring in Mississippi offers all sorts of classical American towns to call home, perfect for those seeking charm, affordability, and vibrant community life. The state has a combination of coastal and rural landscapes, a calm climate ideal for year-round enjoyment, and a distinct blend of American history and culture. Residents can immerse themselves in local arts, enjoy walks on the state's expansive trails, or join community festivals showcasing the best in regional arts. Read on to learn about six towns perfect for retirement in Mississippi.


The Starkville Public Library in Mississippi.
The Starkville Public Library in Starkville, Mississippi. By Semmendinger - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons.

This town might be home to Mississippi State University (MSU), but it also has many things that make it an excellent place for retirees. First off, if staying active after retirement sounds appealing, Starkville has some options at its disposal. Being close to natural landmarks, such as the Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, offers wonderful outdoor settings that everyone can easily enjoy, no matter their age. Starkville's Cotton District is an area renowned for its unique urban planning and architecture, designed to meld European influences with Southern charm. It has a lively culture for a small town, and the district comes to life during the Cotton District Arts Festival, which highlights art, music, and food.

Retirees can join MSU's special lifelong learning options, which are designed just for them. They can enjoy classes without worrying about credits, listen to guest speakers, and experience cultural happenings. Healthcare is another thing locals don't need to worry about, as the OCH Regional Medical Center provides state-of-the-art medical services in town.

Ocean Springs

Saint John's Episcopal Church in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
Saint John's Episcopal Church in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. By Quentin Melson - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons.

Ocean Springs is a visual delight with beautiful, ancient oak trees and the sea at its back. This little spot is not only pretty to call home, but it also will not break the bank, with homes averaging around $250,000. The town has Biloxi Bay to its south, with killer views of the water inviting locals for some fun and recreation. Ocean Springs has a gentle climate, with summers that are warm and winters that are mild. This makes it a perfect place for seniors looking to stay away from extreme weather. Residents can take advantage of the beaches year-round thanks to the pleasant weather. Front Beach is among the most popular, with lots of space to sunbathe, swim, and relax.

This town is not just visually attractive; it also packs a combo of history and an exciting art vibe. It used to be where Walter Anderson, a well-known artist from the 1900s, lived. His amazing art is celebrated at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art in the city. Moreover, amenities are abundant, from the Ocean Springs Senior Center, which offers group events, to Truewood by Merril, where seniors can opt for assisted living.


People around a double-decker bus in Oxford, Mississippi.
People in front of the Lafayette County Courthouse during the Double Decker Festival in Oxford, Mississippi. By Gary Bridgman, for Bridgman Pottery - Own work, CC BY 2.5, Wikimedia Commons.

If you know about Ole Miss, you know about Oxford. The University of Mississippi stands out as a notable feature in the town and holds the title of being the oldest public university in the state. Despite its status as a college town, plenty of retirees call Oxford home, and over 13% of the 25,000 locals are above the age of 65. To this end, there is a bustling social environment, and spots like the Ole Miss Golf Course are always a blast with friends.

The heart of Oxford is its historic downtown Square, which is alive with local shops and spots to eat. It is a hub of activity and reflects the traditional Southern charm of the town, where locals can sit down and relax in the soothing atmosphere. Feel like staying active after retirement? The Thacker Mountain Rail Trail is located just southwest of town and is an excellent trail for everyone. Many people in the area and visitors love to use it for walking, biking, and running.


DeSoto County Courthouse in Hernando, Mississippi.
DeSoto County Courthouse in Hernando, Mississippi. By Thomas R Machnitzki - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons.

Hernando is full of history and charm for any retiree, and it is a great spot often overlooked due to larger cities. The town has a combo of affordability and safety, and the average house is just a bit more than $300,000. Along with their retirement home, seniors will find some beautiful buildings to see as they walk around town, especially the Hernando Courthouse, which is right in the middle of the town square. It stands as an essential representation of the city's deep history. Constructed in 1942, it has a distinct, timeless neoclassical architecture. Every year, Hernando holds the A'Fair, a town favorite. It is packed with an extensive craft fair where sellers from nearby places come, live music, a 5K race, and a show of classic cars. Along with the events, Hernando is only a quick trip to Memphis, Tennessee, which is full of urban amenities and services such as an international airport, state-of-the-art hospitals, and physical fitness centers.

Long Beach

Long Beach in Mississippi.
Long Beach along the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi.

From big trees to drawn-out beaches, this town has a physical beauty that is not easily forgotten. Back in the day, Long Beach was famous for floods of radishes, growing so many they even got dubbed as “Radish Capital of the World” once upon a time. Today, it provides both locals and tourists with a scenic viewpoint of the Atlantic Ocean’s tranquil waters. Long Beach has peaceful, sandy beaches by the Gulf of Mexico. These beaches are perfect for retirees as they are not too busy, so one can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in quiet surroundings.

You can score a home in this town for about $220,000, which is pretty good for your wallet. Add on the beautiful coastal ambiance for an iconic abode that will make retirement much more fun. The town of 17,000 is also home to more than 3,500 seniors, so there is always someone to join for a fun day out, even if it is a short stroll around town to find the Friendship Oak right smack in the heart of town. This 500-year-old southern oak tree is the perfect meeting place in this Mississippi town.


Rankin County Courthouse in Brandon, Mississippi.
Rankin County Courthouse and Rankin County Confederate Monument in Brandon, Mississippi. By Ditch Fisher - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons.

Brandon, founded in 1828, got its name from Gerard C. Brandon, the first governor of Mississippi born there. The town holds a rich history dating back to the Civil War era when it was a key location for assembling troops and storing supplies. Today, this town is known as one of the safest in the state, with the motto, “Growth and Stability.” Plus, it has a reasonable average home value of $275,000, a steal for retirees. Moreover, it sits east of Mississippi's capital, Jackson, so anyone can pop into the big city for urban amenities and services.

The town is home to various fun spots and parks, like Shiloh Park and the Quarry. Both are places for sports, picnics, and outdoor fun. It is also known regionally for its lively community happenings, like the annual Brandon Jubilee Days, which highlight local art, handmade items, and music.

In Conclusion

From Ocean Springs' seaside allure to Brandon's suburban comfort, Mississippi has diverse options, with many towns offering you a fulfilling retirement destination. One of the most essential things in retirement is having the chance to do things you want day-to-day. Whether seeking active art scenes, peaceful trails, or community festivals, these Mississippi towns offer the ideal settings to enjoy that peaceful, but engaging, retirement. So, if retirement is right around the corner, consider these great options in The Magnolia State.

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