5 Most Charming Small Towns on Florida's Space Coast

Florida is the US state of limitless coastlines and paradise beaches. Among its most distinguished coasts is the Space Coast, named after the Kennedy Space Center and the NASA spaceflights that were launched from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Besides being a base for historical trips to outer space, the coastal area located on the east of Orlando encloses incredible and uncrowded beaches, with lively entertainment, art and dining options. Here are five of the most charming small towns on the Space Coast.


Aerial View of Titusville in Florida

Nature lovers will enjoy an exceptional getaway in Titusville, as the beaches have golden sand and pristine waters such as Playalinda in the Canaveral National Seashore and unspoiled stretches of water and wildlife such as the Meritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Visitors can rent kayaks at sunset or enjoy an airboat ride. Fox Lake Park hosts outdoor yoga classes and guided hikes. The space memorials are not missing from Titusville, like its neighboring towns, travelers will want to stop at the American Space Museum and Walk of Fame to observe space tools, artifacts, exhibits and tours.

Palm Bay

Aerial View of the Palm Beach in Florida

Palm Bay promises everything from adventures to laid-back activities, in a stunning natural atmosphere. From the beach and river area, visitors can walk through Castaways Point Park and enjoy the views of the blue water lined with palm trees. The town includes paddle boarding opportunities and kite boarding too for all athletic levels at Endless Windz. Visitors can stroll through the Turkey Creek Sanctuary to soak up the sun and awe-inspiring foliage, side by side with glistening sand dunes and a black water creek populated with fish and surrounded with a variety of bird types. The Palm Bay Aquatic Center has water slides, toys and diving boards for the children, and a few miles away is the Larsen Motorsports for the adults interested in race cars and their history.

Cape Canaveral

Kennedy Space Center in Cape Cavaneral, Florida

The infamous cape of Brevard Country is known for its wonderful combination of sun, sea and space. The first stop must surely be at the Kennedy Space Center that has a collection of space crafts and launching equipment, rocks from the moon and a program of talks and events that introduce visitors to astronauts or stimulate the experience of space through the Apollo Launch Stimulator. At the Air Force Space and Missile Museum, one can learn about the evolution of rocket engineering and visit the site of departure of the first Americans to space. The exceptional port of the town is one of the busiest in the world, and it is worth the visit for a scenic boat-watching.


Melbourne Florida's historic downtown is on the shore of the Indian River Lagoon
Melbourne's Historic Downtown on the Shore of the Indian River Lagoon

A kids-favorite destination, Melbourne encompasses a thriling experience at Brevard Zoo with over 900 animal species and a variety of adrenaline-boosting activities. The Wickham Park hosts events around the year, suitable for picnics and camping in the forest or taking a dip in the lake. Another park that the family will not want to miss is the Andretti Thrill Park, offering unlimited entertainment options from arcade games, roller coaster rides, rope courses to go kart tracks and more. At sunset, visitors can wind down at the Melbourne Beach Pier where the panorama is relaxing and the restaurants are exquisite.


Cocoa Beach Pier in Florida

Another city in Brevard Country is Cocoa, a remarkably charming town, bringing together artists and musicians at its Cocoa Riverfront Park and amphitheater space, and catering to art lovers with performances and shows at The Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse. Having been a citrus grove in the past, Cocoa remains to be one of the most prominent towns for its fruit industry, and  vibrant local artisanal food, café sand bakery scene in parallel. The town pumps with creative gift shops, artist sanctuaries and mouth-watering delicacies. Cocoa features its own tropical beach with recreational facilities ideal for families.

Airboats, kayaking, beach amenities and rich cultural, artistic and educational centers, the Space Coast has a range of activities for all tastes. With plenty of adventures guaranteed, visitors can spend days in one of the small towns for an out-of-this-world vacation. The natural beauty and adventures ensure a splendid time in warm weather.

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