Downtown skyline of Detroit, Michigan.

10 Largest Cities In Michigan

According to data from the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau, Michigan has a population of 10,077,331 residents, making it the 10th most populous state in the United States. Below is a list of Michigan's ten biggest cities in terms of population, according to the 2020 U.S. Census.

1. Detroit - 624,177

Detroit, Michigan
Detroit, the largest city in Michigan.

Detroit is the seat of Wayne County in southeastern Michigan. Detroit's population has declined by -2.34% since the last census, and it is currently falling at a rate of 1.18% each year. Detroit has a population density of 4,500 people per square mile and covers an area of more than 143 square miles. 

With the Henry Ford Experience drawing crowds of tourists daily, Detroit, also referred to as the "Motor City," is best recognized as the birthplace of the modern automobile. Detroit, however, is much more than just vehicles. It is a hub of art, music, sports, and nightlife. One can experience a top-notch baseball game under the lights, a world-class museum in the afternoon, and a morning of cycling on Belle Isle Island all in one day. Music and art enthusiasts have a wealth of attractions to discover, including the history of Motown Records, the Detroit Institute of Art, and performances at The Fox Theatre. It is, however, just the tip of the iceberg of what the city has to offer. 

2. Grand Rapids - 201,093

grand rapids
Grand River flowing through Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids is the seat of Kent County. Grand Rapids' population has grown by 1.09% since the most recent census, and the city is currently expanding at a rate of 0.54% each year. Grand Rapids has a total area of over 46 square miles and a population density of 4,493 persons per square mile. 

America's Best Beer City, the center of American craft beverages, a Top 20 Foodie City in the U.S., one of Expedia's Super Cool Cities for 2017, one of the New York Times' 52 Places to Go in 2016, the top U.S. travel destination according to Lonely Planet in 2015, and one of Expedia's Super Cool Cities for 2017; all of these and much more make Grand Rapids. 

3. Warren - 140,453

warren, michigan
Aerial view of Warren, Michigan.

Southeast Michigan's Macomb County hosts the city of Warren. The population of Warren has grown by 0.76% since the most recent census, and the city is currently expanding at a rate of 0.38% each year. Warren has a total area of roughly 34 square miles and a population density of 4,088 per square mile. 

Many businesses call the city home, including the General Motors Technical Center, the United States Army Detroit Arsenal, and the Tank Automotive Research. The City of Warren has a Department of Parks and Recreation that is in charge of 24 parks and the Aquatic, Community, and Fitness Centers. Moreover, the Warren Symphony Orchestra performs numerous concerts each season.

4. Sterling Heights - 135,276

Sterling heights, michigan
A residential area in Sterling Heights as viewed from the air.

One of the main suburbs of Detroit is the city of Sterling Heights, which is located in Macomb County in the U.S. state of Michigan. Sterling Heights' population has grown by 0.69% since the most recent census, and it is currently expanding at a rate of 0.34% each year. Sterling Heights has a population density of 3,713 persons per square mile and covers an area of about 37 square miles. 

Kayaking opportunities at the Clinton River, pleasant parks, great concerts at Freedom Hill, fantastic shopping, and festivals are all available at Sterling Heights. Modern, high-tech manufacturing firms are also located in Sterling Heights, where a long queue of applicants is waiting to join them. 

5. Ann Arbor - 125,835

ann harbor
An aerial view of Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor is the seat of Washtenaw County in southeast Michigan. Ann Arbor's population has grown by 1.60% since the most recent census, and it is now rising at a rate of 0.79% each year. With a total area of about 29 square miles, Ann Arbor has 4,508 residents per square mile. 

In addition to being a thriving university town and culinary mecca, Ann Arbor is also a tech powerhouse with a walkable downtown home to top-notch arts and culture. As a long-established center for the arts, Ann Arbor is home to famous museums, galleries, and performing arts organizations that present work by national, regional, and international artists. 

6. Dearborn - 112,340

The cityscape of Dearborn from the air.

Michigan's Wayne County contains the city of Dearborn. Dearborn's population has grown by 2.15% since the last census, and it is currently rising at a rate of 1.06% each year. Dearborn, which covers more than 25 square miles, has a population density of 4,636 individuals per sq. mile. 

For residents and tourists from all over the world, Dearborn offers a welcoming, cozy, and historic location. It is the location of The Henry Ford, the top tourist destination in Michigan and the largest indoor and outdoor entertainment complex dedicated to American history. With over 1.6 million annual visitors, it features Greenfield Village, the IMAX Theater, and the Ford Rouge Factory Tours. 

7. Lansing - 112,314

Lansing michigan
The skyline of Lansing.

The state capital of Michigan, Lansing, is a city located in the counties of Eaton and Ingham. Lansing's population declined at a pace of -0.29% since the most recent census, and the city's population is currently decreasing at a rate of -0.15% annually. With a total area of more than 40 square miles, Lansing has a population density of 2,866 inhabitants per square mile. 

Oldsmobile was founded in Lansing. The magnificent and historic State Capitol Building and the Michigan State University campus serve as the city's bookends. Downtown Lansing is divided by the Grand River and the 20-mile River Trail from Old Town to REO Town and beyond. 

8. Livonia - 95,253

Livonia, michigan
Aerial view of the cityscape of Livonia, Michigan.

Livonia is situated in Wayne County. Since the most recent census, Livonia's population has declined by -0.30%, and the city's population is currently falling at a rate of -0.15% annually. Livonia, which covers more than 36 square miles, has a population density of 2,669 persons per square mile. 

According to FBI statistics, Livonia is one of Michigan's safest cities. "Families First" is the city's motto, and Livonia has managed to maintain a welcoming, small-town feel while retaining a strong focus on public services, parks, and public safety. The Livonia Knights, a two-time state champion team, play for the Livonia Hockey Association, the biggest amateur hockey league in Michigan. The Livonia City Soccer Club, one of the biggest soccer programs in the state with 1,300 athletes, is another city highlight.

9. Troy - 88,556

troy michigan
A famous restaurant in Troy, Michigan. Editorial credit: gg5795 /

The Michigan city of Troy is found in Oakland County. Troy's population has grown by 1.45% since the last census, and it is currently expanding at a rate of 0.72% each year. Troy has a population density of 2,648 people per square mile and covers an area of approximately 34 square miles. 

Troy, a Detroit suburb in the north, is only approximately six miles from Downtown Detroit. It is a significant commercial and retail hub that provides a luxurious way of life for people looking to purchase upscale homes or Troy townhomes. It is renowned for its restaurant culture, park system, and love of sports.

10. Westland - 85,686

The city of Westland is situated in Wayne County, Michigan. Westland's population has grown by 0.31% since the last census, and it is currently expanding at a rate of 0.16% per year. Westland has an area of over 20 square miles and a population density of 4,194 individuals per sq. mile. 

The city is renowned for having multiple parks. Westland's northern section is home to Hines Park. Residents in this area benefit from year-round encounters with deer, foxes, and hummingbirds and convenient access to Hines Park's bike routes. Parks owned by the city can also be found all across Westland in various neighborhoods. 

Living in Michigan allows you to work hard and play hard because of the state's low cost of living, expanding employment options, and plenty of festivals, parks, and tourist attractions. Michigan should be on your radar if you enjoy beautiful beaches, apple orchards, Motown, and renowned sports teams, to name a few.

30 Biggest Cities In Michigan

Rank Name  Population 
1 Detroit 624,177
2 Grand Rapids 201,093
3 Warren 140,453
4 Sterling Heights 135,276
5 Ann Arbor 125,835
6 Dearborn 112,340
7 Lansing 112,314
8 Livonia 95,253
9 Troy 88,556
10 Westland 85,686
11 Farmington Hills 84,836
12 Southfield 77,594
13 Wyoming 77,377
14 Rochester Hills 77,360
15 Flint 77,016
16 Kalamazoo 73,466
17 Novi 68,447
18 Dearborn Heights 64,396
19 Taylor 63,465
20 Pontiac 62,024
21 St. Clair Shores 58,706
22 Royal Oak 58,407
23 Kentwood 55,424
24 Battle Creek 52,795
25 Portage 49,411
26 Roseville 47,792
27 East Lansing 47,573
28 Saginaw 42,740
29 Midland 42,683
30 Lincoln Park 40,665
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