Which States Border Vermont?

"Welcome to Vermont" sign.
"Welcome to Vermont" sign.

Vermont is a state found in New England. Archaeological evidence indicated that Native American communities have lived within the borders of Vermont since 7000 BC. Some of the Native American communities that have lived within Vermont's boundaries include the Abenaki and the Mohicans. Presently, Vermont shares its boundaries with the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. Vermont also shares its borders with Quebec, a Canadian province.


Vermont shares its entire southern border with Massachusetts. The border between Massachusetts and Vermont is a relatively straight line. Out of the many borders that Vermont shares with neighboring states, the Massachusetts-Vermont's border is the shortest.

New Hampshire

Vermont shares its entire eastern border with New Hampshire. The Vermont-New Hampshire border meanders along the Connecticut River which forms a large portion of the border. The New Hampshire Vermont border dates back to the mid 18th century before Vermont State was formally established.

New York

Vermont shares its western border with New York State. Lake Champlain forms a large portion of this border. Vermont and New York have a shared history that dates back to the colonial period. In the 18th century, King George II placed Vermont under New York's control, but the leaders of Vermont disagreed with this decision and declared themselves independent several years later. New York failed refused to recognize Vermont's independence for a long period. However, in 1789 New York finally recognized Vermont as a sovereign state. 


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