Which Countries Border Kosovo?

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Kosovo is a southeastern European nation whose statehood is partially recognized. The country self-declared its independence from Serbia in 2008. The capital and largest city in Kosovo is Pristina. The country’s population is approximately 1.8 million with most of the residents being Serbs and Albanian. Kosovo is a landlocked state bordered by Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, and North Macedonia.

Albania - 116.3 km 

Albania borders Kosovo to the west with the Albania-Kosovo border covering a distance of 116.3 kilometers. The land border crossings to Kosovo include Qafë Morinë in Gjakovë, Orgjost on Orqushë, Qafë Prush in Gjakovë, Morinë in Prizren City (main border crossing), and Shishtavec in Dragash. Most recently the presidents of Kosovo and Albania announced the removal of border checks to facilitate easier movement of goods and people across the two nations. As a result, the two countries will enjoy open borders although the issue is still controversial as some of the people in government have not welcomed it. Both Kosovo and Albania are historically connected as they were both under ancient Ottoman’s Empire rule. Perhaps this explains the close diplomatic ties between these two countries.

Montenegro - 78 km

Montenegro borders Kosovo to the northwest with the length of the border being 78 kilometers. In its bid to secure its territories, Kosovo initiated a border demarcation agreement with Montenegro in 2015 that was meant to formally recognize their borders. However, the agreement resulted in controversies arose between the ruling elite and the opposition. These politicians felt that Kosovo was signing up for a loss of land to Montenegro amounting to 8,200 hectares. The controversy led to fierce resistance in 2017. However, the government of Kosovo continued to seek a solution regarding the matter which was fundamental as it would help citizens of Kosovo get access to visa-free travels to the EU countries. Finally, Montenegro and Kosovo parliaments ratified the 2015 border agreement in 2018.

Serbia - 381.6 km 

Serbia borders Kosovo both to the north and east. The Serbia-Kosovo border is the longest in the country at 381.6 kilometers in length. In recent times, the two countries have been holding talks related to changes in their borders. The proposed border changes state that Zubin Potok, Leposavic, Zvecan, and North Mitrovica which are mostly inhabited by Serbian speakers will be given to Serbia. On the other hand, the land area covered by Bujanovac and Presevo municipalities that have Albanian inhabitants will be given to Kosovo. However, there are fears of an ethnic war erupting in the face of these changes. The two nations continue to seek amicable ways of resolving these border issues.

North Macedonia - 167.6 km 

North Macedonia changed its name from “Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” to “Republic of North Macedonia” in February 2019. It borders Kosovo to the south with the length of the border being 167.6 kilometers. The border crossings are at Elez Han town in Kosovo and Jazhince-Glloboqica found between the cities of Ferizaj and Tetovo in Kosovo and Macedonia respectively.

Which Countries Border Kosovo?

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