Where Is The Qantas Airline Headquartered?

View from Kingsford Smith International Airport, Qantas plane with the Sydney cityscape in the background. Editorial credit: Eigenblau / Shutterstock.com.
View from Kingsford Smith International Airport, Qantas plane with the Sydney cityscape in the background. Editorial credit: Eigenblau / Shutterstock.com.

The Qantas airline is Australia’s national airline, and it is the largest airline in the country by international destinations served, number of flights, and fleet size. The airline is also ranked as the third oldest airline in the world and was among the founding members of the Oneworld airline alliance. The name Qantas is an acronym for the airline’s original name, which was Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services.

Original Headquarters

The airline was established in 1920 by two former military aviators, Paul McGinness and Hudson Fysh. The original headquarters was at Winton, Queensland, where it was founded. At the time, the airline had only an Avro 504K aircraft that conducted pleasure flights and taxi services. The company later moved its headquarters to Longreach, Queensland, in 1921 and finally to Brisbane in 1930. Since then, the airline has experienced tremendous growth and several challenges. Some of its milestones throughout history include its overseas expansion in 1934, its nationalization and continued global expansion, the commencement of Jet aircraft services in 1959, incorporation of the Jumbo Jet into its fleet, and its domestic expansion and privatization.

Current Headquarters Of Qantas Airline

The airline’s headquarters are still located in the city of Brisbane, Australia. Its modern offices were designed to ensure cohesion through brilliant use of space. The design also aims to unite all its employees while reminding them that they are part of a pacesetter in global aviation. Qantas is a leader in attracting human resources. It has established itself as a top candidate for professionals looking to venture into the industry. The current workplace invokes pride in its employees and makes them feel part of the nation’s most respected airline. The headquarters has about 4,000 employees in a single cohesive campus. The campus helps consolidate and streamline the airline’s operational workflow while also providing a welcoming venue. Hassell, the company, tasked with campus interior design, stated that it aimed at capturing the essence of the company as well as its national heritage. The main themes of the campus are inspired by flight paths, which help differentiate the various sections in the offices. The campus also incorporates dividing screens created from airline catering trays as well as pigeon holes made from heating canisters from the airline’s on-board kitchens. The additions bring out a unique twist generally associated with air travel.

Looking To The Future

The airline has some of the most modern aircraft in the world. It is currently phasing out its Boeing 747 fleet and replacing it with Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 aircraft. The changes are expected to improve range, efficiency, and passenger numbers. The airline has already set a long-distance air travel record with the Boeing 787, Perth to London flight that is only second to Singapore to New York flight record set by Singapore Airlines. Qantas has high ambitions in non-stop services. The plans are in the airlines Project Sunrise, which will see the airline offer services to New York and London from Sydney. The undertaking will mean that the airline will eclipse the record set by Singapore Airlines.


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