Where Is Northern Cyprus?

Kyrenia Castle, Northern Cyprus.

Where Is Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is a self-declared country located on the northeast portion of Cyprus Island. The only state that recognizes the sovereignty of Northern Cyprus is Turkey, while the international community acknowledges it as part of the Republic of Cyprus. The area that Northern Cyprus occupies was divided between Greece and Turkey since the late 20th century. Northern Cyprus proclaimed its independence from Cyprus on November 15, 1983. The state covers an area of 3,355 square kilometers and had a population of 313,626 in 2013. The economy has a GDP of $4.032 billion, which is dominated by the service industry. Northern Cyprus also has excellent tourist destinations such as its Byzantine castles, ancient ruins, and beaches.

Geography and Location

Northern Cyprus experiences cold winters and hot, dry summers. It has a temperate climate. Most of the country's terrain is plains, with some areas having central plains, while the southern region has scattered plains.

The area covered by Northern Cyprus ranges from the tip of the Karpass Peninsula to Morphou Bay and Cape Kormakitis, and then to its most western point which is Kokkina exclave. The southernmost point on Northern Cyprus is a village named Louroujina. There is a buffer zone between the country and the rest of the island, which is controlled by the United Nations. This zone cuts Nicosia, the largest city in Northern Cyprus, into two: the northern and southern sections.

Northern Cyprus occupies one-third of Cyprus Island. Turkey borders the state to the north, while Syria borders it 97 kilometers to the east. The coastline of Northern Cyprus consists of two bays: Famagusta Bay and Morphou Bay. Additionally, there are four capes: Cape Zeytin, Cape Kormakitis, Cape Kasa, and Cape Apostolos. Cape Apostolos lies at the endpoint of the Karpaz Peninsula. Northern Cyprus is part of various regions, including Eurasia, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Basin.

Government and Administration

The country’s government is semi-presidential, whereby the president is head of state, while the prime minister is head of government. Currently, the President of Northern Cyprus is Mustafa Akini and the Prime Minister is Hüseyin Özgürgün. The country has a multi-party system and a government made up of legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The judiciary is an independent institution operating without the influence of either the executive or legislature.Northern Cyprus has six sub-divisions known as districts, which are lead by a governor. These districts are further divided into 12 sub-districts. The districts in Northern Cyprus include: Lefkoşa, Gazimağusa, Girne, Güzelyurt, Iskele, and Lefke. Iskele and Lefkoşa have populations of 23,098 and 97,293, respectively.


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