When Did Arizona Become a State?

The Arizona state capitol.
The Arizona state capitol.

Arizona is an American state in the southwestern parts of the country. Arizona shares its borders with New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, California, Nevada, and two Mexican states (Baja California and Sonora). Arizona is the fourteenth most populous American state with over 7.1 million residents.

When Was Arizona Founded?

The state of Arizona was founded on February 14, 1912. Historically, Arizona was part of Nueva California. The United States acquired the southwestern parts of New Mexico and south Arizona in the Mesilla Treaty of 1854. Present-Day Arizona was part of New Mexico Territory until 1863 when the Arizona territory was formed. Arizona was the last of the conterminous states to gain statehood in 1912.


Arizona is one of the Four Corners states and the sixth-biggest American state. Over 25% of Arizona is composed of reservations that are home to twenty-seven Native American tribes. The state is famous for its desert Range and Basin area that has numerous xerophytes plants. Just like all the other southwestern American states, Arizona has numerous plateaus and mountains. Despite its aridity, over 27% of the state is occupied by forests. The Grand Canyon is in northern Arizona.


Arizona has numerous localized climatic conditions due to its variations in elevation and vast area. The weather is quite mild in Arizona from late-fall to spring with an average temperature of about 16°C. The state receives an average annual rainfall of 12.7 inches. Hurricanes and tornadoes are quite rare in Arizona.


The population of Arizona increased by 12.2% from 2010 (6,392,017) to 2018 (7,171,646). The state was sparsely populated during the nineteenth century, but by 1860 the number of residents had grown to 6,482.

Arizona was one of the fastest growing American states in the 1990s with Metropolitan Phoenix’s population growing by over 45.3% (1991-2001).


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