What Is the Capital of Wyoming?

The Wyoming state capital building in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne. Wyoming is bordered on the West by Idaho, on the east by South Dakota, on the North by Montana, and on the south by Colorado. Wyoming is a mountainous state but is also covered by plains. The inhabitants of Wyoming state are called Wyomingites. This state is abbreviated as WY.

Wyoming is informally referred to as “Cowboy State” or “Big Wyoming.” The state has its own flag and seal.


Originally, Wyoming was part of Mexico until 1848 when the Mexican-American war came to an end. It then became part of the United States. It officially gained its statehood status in 1869. The Governor of Wyoming is Matt Mead who is also the head of the state.

Wyoming covers an area of 253, 340 square kilometers, making it the 10th largest state in the United States. It is made up of 23 counties including Albany, Teton, Lincoln, Campbell, Big Horn, and Johnson.


The capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne. Its capital status was declared in 1869. Cheyenne is also the most populous city in Wyoming with a population of over 60,000 people. Cheyenne is informally referred to as “The Magic City of the Plains.”

Cheyenne was named for an Indian tribe that ranged in the area. The “Shey-an-nah” was the largest family of Indians in North America. The city is located on a broad plateau between North and South Platte rivers. Cheyenne is found in Laramie county.

The capital covers a total of 63.79 square kilometers. Out of this, 63.5 square kilometers is land while water occupies 0.28 square kilometers.

Local Government

Cheyenne’s system of government comprises of a Mayor and City Council. The City Council consists of 9 members who are elected from the wards (Wards I, II, and III). The Mayor is elected by votes in the City. The Mayor of Cheyenne is Marian Orr. The capital has its own seal.

A great part of Cheyenne is owned by the Government which is also the force of the economy of the city. The government provides up to 20% of jobs. Many residents are employed by the F.E Warren Air Force Base or the Wyoming National Guard. The Federal government owns over 42% of the land in Cheyenne.


A percentage of above 40% of the people in Cheyenne affiliate with a religion. The religions practiced are Christianity, Islam, Jewish, and Eastern faith. Christianity is highly practiced in denominations such as Catholics and Protestants.

Cheyenne is majorly occupied by the white people who constitute 75% of the total population. Other races are black, Asian, and native American who constitute less than 10% of the population.

Cheyenne hosts the Cheyenne Frontier Days every year. It is the largest outdoor rodeo that takes place in July. The event comprises of activities such as calf roping, bull riding, bronc riding steer wrestling, and barrel racing.

The city has a cool semi-arid climate consisting of cold, dry winters and warm summers.


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