The 10 Biggest Cities In Wyoming

The State Capitol in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
The State Capitol in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The State of Wyoming

The US state of Wyoming is located in the country's western region, and is one of the Mountain States. With only 563,767 inhabitants, it is the country’s least populous state. However, Wyoming is the 9th most extensive US state, with an area of 251,470.1 square km. The state is subdivided into 22 counties and 99 incorporated municipalities. Although Wyoming’s municipalities cover only 0.3% of its area, 68.3% of the state's population lives in these urban centers.

The Five Biggest Cities in Wyoming

1. Cheyenne

Cheyenne is Wyoming’s capital city and serves as the county seat of Laramie County. With a population of 59,466 in 2010, it is also the state’s most populous city. It is located in the southeast corner of Wyoming, which makes it one of the country’s least centrally located state capitals. According to the 2010 Census, Cheyenne had 25,558 households and a population density of 936.4 people per square kilometer. The city's economy is largely driven by the government sector, including the state government and the US Air Force, as well as the railroad industry.

2. Casper

With a population of 55,316, Casper is the second most populous city in Wyoming. It is also the county seat of Natrona County. The development of the nearby Salt Creek Oil Field in the 1890s led to the establishment of a thriving oil-based economy in the city. As a result, the city has been nicknamed "The Oil City," and is a regional center of the energy industry. In addition to oil, its energy industry has expanded into coal and uranium. Casper also serves as a regional commerce and banking center. 

3. Laramie

Wyoming’s third most populated city, Laramie, has a population of 30,816. It also serves as the county seat of Albany County. The city is located between the Laramie Range and the Snowy Range, which offers great scenic beauty and excellent outdoor recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. In 2011, Money Magazine named Laramie as one of the best US cities in which to retire. The city had 13,394 households in 2010. Founded during the 19th century along the Union Pacific Railroad, the city is now home to multiple post-secondary schools, including the University of Wyoming, Wyoming Technical Institute, and a campus of Laramie County Community College. 

4. Gillette

Gillette is the fourth largest city in Wyoming, with a population of 29,087 in 2010. The city also serves as the county seat of Campbell County. Gillette is located in an area with vast reserves of coal, oil, and methane gas, and is therefore often referred to as the "Energy Capital of the Nation." According to the 2010 census, the city had 10,975 households.  Additionally, the city's population has increased by approximately 48% over the past decade. Besides the energy sector, Gillette is home to the Wyoming National Guard armory.

5. Rock Springs

With a population of 23,036, Rock Springs is Wyoming’s fifth largest city. It is located in Sweetwater County, and the city is nicknamed the "Home of 56 Nationalities" due to the large immigrant worker population that works in the nearby coal mines. The rich diversity of the city is celebrated through International Day, an annual festival that highlights the traditions and foods of city residents and their ancestors. Rock Springs is also the home of Western Wyoming Community College and an annual carnival, Wyoming's Big Show.

The Smallest Municipality in Wyoming

Lost Springs is a town located in Wyoming’s Converse County. It is home to only 4 individuals and covers an area of 0.23 square km. Thus, it is the state’s smallest municipality both by population and area.

The 10 Biggest Cities In Wyoming by Population

RankNameCountyPopulation (2010)Land Area (2010)
1CheyenneLaramie59,46663.5 km2
2CasperNatrona55,31669.7 km2
3LaramieAlbany30,81645.9 km2
4GilletteCampbell29,08749.1 km2
5Rock SpringsSweetwater23,03650.1 km2
6SheridanSheridan17,44428.3 km2
7Green RiverSweetwater12,51535.5 km2
8EvanstonUinta12,35926.6 km2
9RivertonFremont10,61525.5 km2
10JacksonTeton9,5777.5 km2

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