What Is The Capital Of Fujian Province?

The skyline of Fuzhou.
The skyline of Fuzhou.

The Chinese province of Fujian is located in the country’s southeast coast. The province has a coastline on the Taiwan Strait to the east. Today, Fujian in China occupies an area of 121,400 square km and houses a population of 38,565,000 individuals. It is one of the country’s most linguistically and culturally diverse provinces.

What Is The Capital Of Fujian And Where Is It Located?

Fuzhou is the capital of Fujian and is part of the Mindong cultural and linguistic area. Fuzhou encompasses an area of 12,177 square km of which 4,634 square km is occupied by water. The city is located in Fijian’s northeast coast on the north bank of the estuary formed by the Min River, the largest river in the province. The city experiences a humid subtropical climate.

Demographics Of Fuzhou

Fuzhou, a prefecture-level city, is home to around 7,115,370 inhabitants which includes around 61.95% is urban population and the rest is rural population. In 2015, metropolitan Fuzhou was ranked by Brookings Institution as one of the world’s 10 fastest growing metropolitan areas.

History Of The City Of Fuzhou

Fuzhou has a long history just like many other cities in China and its history has been well documented over the centuries. Evidence of the existence of two Neolithic cultures in the area in and around the present-day city has been discovered proving that humans lived there as far back as around 5000 BC. “Fuzhou" was formally named in 725 during the rule of the Tang dynasty. It flourished during the rule of the Tang and the Song dynasties. It also bore witness to numerous invasions, sieges, rebellions, and rules by powerful kingdoms over the centuries. Fuzhou was also a regional hub of culture since ancient times and attracted scholars from all over the country.

Fuzhou was witness to a lot of violence during and after World War II. It was occupied by Japan for some years until September 1945. Postwar, Fuzhou was the scene of conflict between the Chinese government and the KMT in Taiwan. Bombings and gunfights killed many of the city’s residents. After the tensions, died down, Fuzhou once more developed rapidly since the late 1970s.

Economy Of Fuzhou

Fuzhou is a busy industrial city that acts as a center of engineering, papermaking, timber-working, iron and steel, and other industries. Handicrafts like lacquer and wood products are produced in the surrounding areas. A seaport on the Min River further promotes commerce in the city.


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