What Continent is Jordan In?

Jordan is a Middle Eastern republic is strategically located in western Asia at the crossroads of Africa and Asia.
Jordan is a Middle Eastern republic is strategically located in western Asia at the crossroads of Africa and Asia.

The country derives the name Jordan from a perennial river named Jordan that flows between the country and Israel. The Hebrew translation of Jordan is “Yarad” meaning “to flow downward”. The capital City is called Amman and is the economic hub as well as the government administrative center. The population is 10,011,820 people as per November 2017 census. A majority live in the agriculturally rich regions and also in urban centers like Amman, Al-Salt, and Al Karak. The influx of refugees has been witnessed due to the conflict in the Middle East countries. Islamic is a major religion hence Arabic is the common language.

History of Jordan

The region has been occupied since 50,000 BCE though tangible history can be traced to the age of Bronze which occurred between 3200 BCE and 1950 BCE through to Iron Age. The ancient biblical teachings regarding kingdoms and prophets occurred in the region in Moab, Gilead, and Lake Galilee as mentioned in the Old and New Testament from 597 BCE. Alexander the Great who ruled vast region including the present day Jordan left substantial development and trading centers. Between 2 BCE and 4 CE Greeks rule brought civilization and modernized education system where many scholars evolved and cities like Philadelphia and Gedara were built. The period after 661 CE saw the introduction of Islamic by conquerors from Saudi Arabia. Muslim dynasties such as Mongols and Mamluk began ruling until the Ottoman Empire took over in the 15th century until World War One. Turkey colonized Jordan until May 25th, 1946 when independence was granted.


The country covers an area of 89,341 square kilometers (34,495 square miles). The western region along Jordan plateau is suitable for farming. The Dead Sea is the lowest level in Jordan as well as in the whole earth at negative 420 meters (-1,378 feet) while the highest peak is mount Jabal Umm al Dami at 1,854 meters (6083 feet). The eastern side is a desert with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. Jordan borders five countries namely Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria and two seas; the Dead Sea and the Red Sea.

Politics and Governance

Jordan has a unitary structure with both a king and a prime minister. The first written constitution of 1952 governs monarch, judiciary, and the legislature. The appointees of the King rules for four years. The Senate and the House of Representatives assist each other in making laws. Though located in a region that experiences war, Jordan makes peace with neighbors by signing peace treaties.

Economy of Jordan

Jordan is ranked as upper middle-income economy depending on trade, finance, industries, and a few minerals. The currency unit is the Jordan Dinar. Infrastructural development is advanced with transport, communication, and health well managed. Despite oil shales being noncommercial, Jordan has utilized the uranium and natural gas deposits. More income is generated as a transit route between Palestine, Iraq, and Israel.

In Which Continent Is Jordan Located?

Jordan is in Asia continent near Africa and Europe crossroads. This Middle East republic is strategically located in western Asia. Jordan participates in the Asian games and sports with their maiden competition in 1986. In 2014, Jordan participated in Asian basketball championships and on September 23, 2017, qualified for the under 16 football champions to be held in 2018 as organized by the Asian Football Confederation. Jordan is also a member of various economic blocs and trade empowerment institutions in Asia such as the Association of Southeastern Asian Nations (ASEAN). It also participates in trade agreements to enhance bilateral trade such as in the Singapore-Jordan free trade agreement (SJFTA) of 2013. Jordan is also a signatory to the Economic Institutions and Integration Agreements in Asia. The country participates in other events and ceremonies held in the Asia continent as well.


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