US Counties With The Longest Life Expectancy

Summit County, Colorado has the longest life expectancy.
Summit County, Colorado has the longest life expectancy.

According to recent research, the life expectancy of people around the globe will increase significantly in the next two decades. Come the year 2050 nations such as New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Italy, North America, and Africa will showcase a notable gain regarding life expectancy? All the countries of the world have encouraging outcomes except the United States of America and some reasons cause the decline in life expectancy. The sizeable economic inequity shown in the states especially in critical areas like health sector is a significant factor lagging the rate of expectancy down. High numbers of death as a result use of alcohol and other related drugs lower the rate of expectancy. Obesity and other issues like mental disorder cause a lag in the life expectancy of the people of the states. Despite the fact, that generally, America shows a low life expectancy, some nations that have exhibited a remarkable increase in life expectancy due to some reasons.

US Counties with the Longest Life Expectancy

Summit County, Colorado

Previous studies indicates Summit Colorado is the leading county in America with the highest life expectancy. The county is at 86.83 years for both genders as of recent research. The county is also at the top in sectors of education, sources of income and access to medical care, a situation not all counties in the states get to enjoy. A research made at the University of Washington earlier this year shows that Summit Colorado has the least cancer mortality rate in the country for the past 30 years. Several reasons that attribute to the low cancer mortality rate in the county and the most important ones being low obesity rates, the people exercise often, and the fact that the county receives high marks for physical activity levels. These among many other reasons contribute to the high life expectancy exhibited in the county. The state of Summit Colorado is in a high altitude area, and therefore. As a result, its elevation tends to be high. Long-term residents who have adapted themselves enjoy hardiness, which contributes to the long life expectancy the people get to see.

Pitkin County, Colorado

We can rank this county the second after Summit of Colorado regarding life expectancy in the states. Pitkin County falls among the 64 states of the USA in Colorado. The population of the county is 17148 according to the census of 2010. A journal, American Medical Associating shows a report that indicates that the people of Pitkin as of 2014 have a life expectancy of 86.52, which at that time was the second longest in the nation. The men and women have a long lifespan compared to any other county in the state's men having 85.2 and women 8.0, a factor that ranks it second. Other chief issues that contribute to the high level of expectancy in the county include high levels of education, higher income, and universal access to better medical services to all.

Eagle County, Colorado

Eagle County has a population of 52197 according to a census from 2010. The County is among the 52 counties of the states of Colorado. The US census bureau shows a report that indicates the county has a total area of 1692 square miles (or slightly 4380km2) out of which 1685 square miles is land while 7.3 square miles is water. The residents of Eagle County have a life expectancy of 85.94 from birth. This makes the county the third county in America with a high life expectancy. Men live an average of 84.4 while women live an approximate of 87.6 years. Some factors contribute to the high expectancy rate in Eagles County. High education, high-income rates, and better access to medical opportunities to all contribute majorly to high expectancy.

Billings County, North Dakota

Results from a census research in 2010 show that Billings County has a population of about 783 people making it the second smallest populated county in North Dakota. We can locate Biliings in the US state of North Dakota. Research by the US census bureau indicates that the county has an average area of 290km2 of which 2,980km2 is made of land while 12km2 is water. The life expectancy of the people of Billings County is 84.04 ranking it fourth top county in America with a high life expectancy. High rates of incomes from the residents of Billings, better health conditions of the people and high education bring about the high life expectancy.

Marin County, California

Marin County is located in Northern California across the Golden Gate strait away from San Francisco. County has a population of 252,409 according to the last census. The County has an estimated area of 2,140km2, 1300km2 being land and 800km2being water. Expectations reveal that women are to live up to 85 years, which is the longest in the world. The national average expected age is 80.0 years for women. The average life expectancy of the residents of Marin County as of recent research indicates 83.80 years. Marin County is one of the wealthiest counties in America and therefore it has a sparse population giving its residents the comfortability to be able to live for long through their life spans.

Factors Leading To Long Life Expectancy

The long life expectancies in these counties are due to several reasons, including rare cases of obesity, high-income rates, and access to health care by all individuals of the county. Universal access to health opportunities is an advantage; not all counties can get access.

US Counties With The Longest Life Expectancy

RankCounty and state2014 life expectancy (years)1980 life expectancy (years)Plurality population in 2014 (%)
1Summit County, Colorado86.8379.18Non-Hispanic White 82.6%
2Pitkin County, Colorado86.5278.81Non-Hispanic White: 86.5%
3Eagle County, Colorado85.9477.21Non-Hispanic White: 67.4%
4Billings County, North Dakota84.0479.44Non-Hispanic White: 96.6%
5Marin County, California83.8075.66Non-Hispanic White: 72.6%
6San Miguel County, Colorado83.7377.58Non-Hispanic White: 87.4%
7Fairfax County, Virginia (and city)83.7376.65Non-Hispanic White: 52.7%
8Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska83.7370.77Asian: 31.1%
9Aleutians East Borough, Alaska83.7370.77Asian: 41.4%
10Presidio County, Texas83.7275.27Hispanic: 82.0%
11Douglas County, Colorado83.7276.89Non-Hispanic White: 95.9%
12Hinsdale County, Colorado83.6676.76Non-Hispanic White: 92.5%
13Los Alamos County, New Mexico83.4978.22Hispanic: 51.1%
14Teton County, Wyoming83.4676.35Non-Hispanic White: 80.7%
15Collier County, Florida83.4374.48Non-Hispanic White: 64.8%
16Loudoun County, Virginia83.1973.98Non-Hispanic White: 60.1%
17Santa Clara County, California83.1475.80Non-Hispanic White: 58.6%
18San Mateo County, California83.1175.67Non-Hispanic White: 41.1%
19Leelanau County, Michigan83.1075.99Non-Hispanic White: 90.8%
20Lincoln County, South Dakota83.0377.24Non-Hispanic White: 93.9%
21Ouray County, Colorado83.0076.48Non-Hispanic White: 92.5%
22Blaine County, Idaho82.9976.84Non-Hispanic White: 77.6%
23Howard County, Maryland82.9875.18Non-Hispanic White: 58.6%
24Mono County, California82.9676.06Non-Hispanic White: 66.3%
25Sioux County, Iowa82.8678.16Non-Hispanic White: 91.6%
26Wayne County, Nebraska82.8277.66Non-Hispanic White: 90.6%
27Carver County, Minnesota82.8076.67Non-Hispanic White: 90.1%
28Arlington County, Virginia82.7678.16Non-Hispanic White: 63.6%
29Grand County, Colorado82.7375.61Non-Hispanic White: 89.0%
30Routt County, Colorado82.7373.89Non-Hispanic White: 90.3%
31Winneshiek County, Iowa82.6277.23Non-Hispanic White: 95.2%
32Sioux County, Nebraska82.5776.37Non-Hispanic White: 93.1%
33Rockland County, New York82.5474.67Non-Hispanic White: 63.9%
34Bergen County, New Jersey82.4775.27Non-Hispanic White: 59.7%
35Hunterdon County, New Jersey82.4575.70Non-Hispanic White: 86.9%
36Sheridan County, North Dakota82.4477.54Non-Hispanic White: 95.4%
37McPherson County, Nebraska82.4176.47Non-Hispanic White: 97.73%
38Summit County, Utah82.3976.59Non-Hispanic White: 85.2%
39Park County, Colorado82.3775.60Non-Hispanic White: 90.5%
40Westchester County, New York82.2975.09Non-Hispanic White: 74.9%
41Orange County, California82.2776.19Non-Hispanic White: 42.6%
42Stevens County, Minnesota82.22`76.68Non-Hispanic White: 90.5%
43Oliver County, North Dakot82.1977.30Non-Hispanic White: 94.0%
44Hayes County, Nebraska82.1477.73Non-Hispanic White 98.4%
45Bremer County, Iowa82.1477.04Non-Hispanic White: 96.0%
46Ozaukee County, Wisconsin82.1376.69Non-Hispanic White: 95.0%
47Story County, Iowa82.1178.62Non-Hispanic White: 86.2%
48Stearns County, Minnesota82.1076.66Non-Hispanic White: 89.7%
49Archuleta County, Colorado82.0875.24Non-Hispanic White: 77.5%
50Benton County, Oregon82.0877.39Non-Hispanic White 82.4%
51Johnson County, Iowa82.0877.38Non-Hispanic White: 86.3%

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