Top 15 Live Pig Exporting Countries

A seemingly happy pig walks among its sleeping comrades in a pen on this farm in the Netherlands.
A seemingly happy pig walks among its sleeping comrades in a pen on this farm in the Netherlands.

The pig meat consumption in both the European and Non-European regions has taken a leap as people are consuming more of the pork nowadays than ever before. This has benefited the live swine markets of these countries and exports have thus significantly increased in recent times.

Top Countries Exporting Live Pigs

The Dutch and Danish markets for the exports of live pigs is increasing day-by-day, as they are indulged in exporting live pigs to other countries than from anywhere else in the world. Netherlands stands in the first place with $864,823,000 export value of Live Swine in US Dollars. Denmark takes the second spot with a $775,193,000 annual export value in US Dollars, and China, with a $483,354,000 export value of Live Swine in US Dollars, takes the third spot.


Netherlands takes the first spot in exporting live swine as the consumption of pork has increased and more than half of the consumption consists of the pig meat only. In 2009, it rose to 41.8 kg per capita and it exports live swine to Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium. The pork of the Dutch country was reported to be quite good but if they have to make a stand in international market, they need to increase its quantity that is being sold in the supermarkets. As the country is a leading producer, so they spend a large amount of money on the upkeep and sustainability of the live pigs. The Pig Farmers also pay good amount of money in the areas of manure, animal welfare and environmental measures. There are approximately 5,000 Pig Farms and the population comes out to be somewhere around 12 million pigs being raised on these farms. The country puts special emphasis on the exporting of pigs in good health and officials being send with the animals for treating health issues. However, as they land into the source countries, they are manhandled, bundled up in small places, and not stunned before the slaughter.


In Denmark, the live swine industry is a part of national economy and it represents six percent of total exports of the country. They have an integrated industry, and the live pigs are exported to the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and the United States. The welfare standards for the pigs is followed in the country by doing health check-ups and standardized methods are taken in lieu while transportation as set by the government. They are slaughtered in the destination countries following environmental methods.


Meanwhile, in China, the pork supplies account for one million and the exports are largely seen going to Germany, the USA, and Brazil. The farmers give them good amount of green food, pigs are fattened in their source countries and are shipped in healthy conditions as they are used for slaughter.

Factors Determining the Use of Live Pigs

As the pork industry is growing rapidly in the Dutch and Danish countries, and even in China to some extent, so too have the farmers had to maintain adequate standards for raising these animals. Special focus is given on their healthy upkeep to avoid any diseases that can affect the consumption later on and may force down its export volumes as well.

Top 15 Exporting Countries Of Live Pigs

RankCountry2015 Export Value Of Live Swine (USD)
13Czech Republic$53,598,000

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