The Top Wimbledon Winning Countries

The Centre Court at Wimbledon.
The Centre Court at Wimbledon.

The Wimbledon championship is the world's oldest tennis tournament, widely regarded as the most prestigious. The tournament was founded in 1877 and has since been played in Wimbledon, London on the outdoor grass courts at the All England Club. The Wimbledon tournament is among the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments with the other three being the US Open, the Australian Open and the French Open. Following the Australian Open shifting to hardcourt in 1988, Wimbledon remains the only major tennis tournament played on grass. However, due to loss of playing time mainly as a result of rain, a retractable roof was installed in the Wimbledon Centre Court.

About The Tournament

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is played over two weeks between late June and early July, the climax of the tournament being the finals for the Ladies' and Gentlemen's Singles which are scheduled for the second Saturday and Sunday of July respectively. Every year the Wimbledon tournament hosts five major, junior, and invitational events. Wimbledon just like many sports has its traditions the most notable one being a strict dress code for the Royal patronage and the competitors. Another notable fact about the tournament is that there are no sponsor advertisements around the court.

The History Of Wimbledon Tournament

The Wimbledon championship began on July 9th, 1877 where the Gentlemen's Singles was the only and main event. The first tournament was won by Spencer Gore who was a former Harrovian player. The match had approximately 200 spectators who had paid one shilling each. The Centre Court in which the match was played featured lawns at the ground arranged in a manner that the main court was in the middle while the others were arranged around it hence the name. In 1884 the Ladies' Singles together with the Gentlemen's Doubles competition were added to the club. Later in 1913, the Ladies' Doubles and Mixed Doubles events were added. The Wimbledon tournament was known as the World Grass Court Championships by the International Lawn Tennis Federation from 1912 to 1924.

Events At Wimbledon

The Wimbledon championship features five main, five junior and five invitation events. The five top events include the Gentlemen's Singles and Ladies' Singles with 128 players each, the Gentlemen's and Ladies' Doubles with 64 teams each and the Mixed Doubles with 48 teams. The junior events include the Boys' and Girls' Singles with 64 players each and the Boys' and Girls Doubles with 32 teams each. The invitational events include; Gentlemen's and Ladies' Invitation Doubles, Gentlemen's and Ladies' Wheelchair Doubles and the Senior Gentlemen's Invitation Doubles.

Top Wimbledon Winning Countries

The United Kingdom tops the charts with the most champions at Wimbledon with 37 won games with the first championship title in 1877, and the last championship in 2016. The UK won 35 championships during the amateur era and two championships during the Open era. The United States is the second leading country by the number of Wimbledon Championships with 33 wins, its first title was won in 1920, and its last title in 2000. The US has won 18 championships during the Amateur era and 15 during the Open era. Australia is the third leading country by the number of Wimbledon Championships with 21, its first title having been won in 1907 while its last title was won in 2002. Australia has won 15 games during the Amateur era and six during the Open era. Other top Wimbledon winning countries include France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Serbia and Spain.

The Top Wimbledon Winning Countries

RankCountryAmateur EraOpen EraAll-timeFirst titleLast title
1 United Kingdom (UK)3523718772016
2 United States (USA)18153319202000
3 Australia (AUS)1562119072002
4 France (FRA)70719241946
5 Sweden (SWE)07719761990
6 Switzerland (SUI)07720032012
7 Germany (GER)[l]04419851991
8 New Zealand (NZL)40419101913
9 Serbia (SRB)03320112015
10 Spain (ESP)12319662010

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