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The Tallest Buildings in Canada

Many of the tallest buildings in Canada are located in the major cities of Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Montreal.

Canada has several buildings which are tall enough to be classified as skyscrapers. Despite many years of height restriction laws in the country, some of Canada’s buildings are among the tallest in North America. The four tallest buildings in the country are First Canadian Place, The Adelaide Hotel Toronto, Scotia Plaza, and The Aura. Many of the country's tallest buildings are located in the biggest city of Toronto.

The Tallest Buildings in Canada

First Canadian Place

The record of the tallest building in Canada is currently held by First Canadian Place, a skyscraper situated in Toronto, Ontario. First Canadian Place has a height of 978 feet with 72 floors, and has a total floor area covering 2.7 million square feet. The skyscraper is the third tallest structure in the country, with its height only surpassed by the CN Tower and the Inco Superstack Chimney. First Canadian Place was originally known as the First Bank Building as it houses the headquarters of the Bank of Montreal which was the first bank in Canada. Construction of the First Canadian Place skyscraper was completed in 1975, and it was then the 6th tallest building in the world.

The Adelaide Hotel Toronto

The second tallest building in Canada is The Adelaide Hotel Toronto which has a height of 908 feet. The Adelaide Hotel Toronto, which is the tallest mixed-use building in Toronto, is made up of 57 floors and occupies a total floor area of 802,000 square feet. There are 109 condominiums and 260 luxury hotel rooms in The Adelaide Hotel Toronto. The hotel in the skyscraper is currently under the management of Marriott International. The skyscraper was originally known as the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto in honor of the US President, Donald Trump who was once in the management of the building. Trump would later sell his management contract to JCF Capital, which later sold the building to InnVest Real Estate Investment Trust. Construction of the Adelaide Hotel Toronto commenced in October 2007 and was completed in December 2011.

Scotia Plaza

Scotia Plaza is a tall commercial office complex situated in Toronto, Ontario. The Scotia Plaza has a height of 902 feet, making the skyscraper the 3rd tallest building in Canada and North America’s 22nd tallest building. Scotia Plaza is made up of 68 floors which give the building a combined total floor area of 1.6 million square feet and is served by 44 elevators. Construction of the Scotia Plaza began in 1985 and completed in 1988. The building was originally owned by the Scotiabank, one of Canada’s leading banks, but the bank sold the property in May, 2012 for $1.27 billion.


The Aura is a tall mixed-use skyscraper located in the Downtown Yonge District of Toronto, Ontario. The Aura rises 892 feet, and is not only the fourth tallest building in Canada, but is also the sixth tallest residential building in the world outside of Asia. The 79 floors which make up the skyscraper have a combined floor area of over 1.331 million square feet. Construction of the Aura began in January, 2010, with Graziani and Corazza being the chief architects of the project. The Aura’s construction was completed in 2014 and the building was opened in the fall of 2014.

Height Restriction Laws

For many years, many cities in Canada had laws which limited the heights of buildings. Several of these cities still have the height restriction laws in force. Saskatoon for instance, has a height restriction law which prohibits the construction of buildings over the height of 76 meters. Montreal prohibits the construction of buildings over 200 feet in height.

The Tallest Buildings in Canada

RankBuilding NameHeight (Meters)Year ConstructedLocation
1First Canadian Place3551975Toronto, Ontario
2The Adelaide Hotel Toronto276.92012Toronto, Ontario
3Scotia Plaza2751988Toronto, Ontario
4Aura271.92014Toronto, Ontario
5TD Canada Trust Tower260.91990Toronto, Ontario
6Number One Bloor257.32015Toronto, Ontario
7Commerce Court West2391973Toronto, Ontario
8The Bow237.52012Calgary, Alberta
9Ice Condominimums East2342014Toronto, Ontario
101250 René-Lévesque226.51992Montreal, Quebec
11Toronto-Dominion Centre222.81967Toronto, Ontario
12Suncor Energy Centre West215.21984Calgary, Alberta
13Bay Adelaide Centre West214.72010Toronto, Ontario
14Shangri-La Toronto2142012Toronto, Ontario
15Eighth Avenue Place East212.32011Calgary, Alberta
16Ritz-Carlton Toronto209.52011Toronto, Ontario
17Bay Wellington Tower2071991Toronto, Ontario
18L Tower2052013Toronto, Ontario
191000 de la Gauchetière2051992Montreal, Quebec
20Four Seasons Hotel and Residences2041992Toronto, Ontario

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