How Many Countries Are in North America?

Map of North America.

North America is the world’s third largest continent by land area. It occupies 9.54 million square miles, which is equivalent to 16.5% of the earth’s total land area. The continent is made up of 23 sovereign nations and nine dependent territories. Some of the nations are the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Panama, Belize, Saint Lucia, and Grenada. The US and Canada take up close to 80 percent of the land area, and the remaining land is shared by the other 21 independent nations and the nine dependent states. The most populous country in North America is the United States, followed by Mexico and Canada. Similarly, the United States has the wealthiest economy, followed by Canada and Mexico.

Canada: The Largest Country in North America by Size

Canada is situated in the northern end of the North American continent. It is comprised of 10 provinces and three territories. The country occupies the largest land area in North America, covering 3.8 million square miles. Canada has a diverse population estimated at 35 million people. Just like the United States, Canada is also a favorite destination for immigrants. The country has the second best-performing economy in North America. Its economy is driven by manufacturing and services sectors. Additionally, Canada has a lot of natural resources that add to the country's income.

The United States: The Largest Economy and Most Populous Country in North America

The United States is a federal republic consisting of 50 states. Its land area is approximately 3.5 million square miles. The country has diverse geographical zones, ranging from high mountain ranges to expansive lowlands, tropical regions to vast deserts. The United States also has a wealth of wildlife and plants. The country has the largest population of all North American countries, with more than 325 million residents. The US is well known for its diverse cultures and ethnic groups, mostly due to high rates of immigration. The United States leads the world as the top immigrant destination. The country’s economy is among the best performing in the world. Abundant natural resources combined with efficient production systems have made the country a leader in global economies.

Mexico: The Second Most Populous and Third Largest North American Nation

Mexico is situated in the southern region of the North American continent. It covers an area of approximately 761,000 square miles. The country has the second largest population in North America, after the United States. Its population is estimated at more than 120 million people. Mexico is home to North America’s largest city by population size, Mexico City. In Mexico, there are diverse cultures and ethnic groupings, such as the 50 native tribes in the country. Mexico has the third largest economy in North America. Its electronics industry ranks highly in the world. Despite its economic achievement, the country has a huge gap between the wealthy and the poor.

Importance of the Three Largest Economies in North America

United States, Canada, and Mexico have made numerous positive contributions to the North American continent. Through trade unions with other North American countries, most economies in the region have benefited from increased exports and moderately priced imports. Furthermore, citizens of the less wealthy nations move to the US, Canada, and Mexico, where they get well-paying jobs.


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