Most Bicycle Friendly Cities In The World

As per the 2015 Copenhagenize Index, Copenhagen in Denmark is the most bicycle friendly city in the world.

Do you care for the environment? Do you care for yourself? If you said yes to those two questions, yet you actively drive cars for short distances; there is a better alternative. That alternative is bicycles.

Importance of Biking

As each second passes, each second where many people live uninformed or in ignorance; biking becomes more important. Uninformed as in continuously contributing to global warming. Ignorance as in knowing the consequences to their actions yet still rejecting what is to come. To counter this, we need to place a heavy emphasis on alternate means of transportation; such as biking. Biking will not only reduce gas emissions but also help your well-being. Biking is a form of exercise, so not only are you getting to where you want, but also staying fit.

Why is Biking Important in Some Cities? + Benefits

In cities such as Amsterdam or Copenhagen, biking is very important because their citizens are well-informed of the benefits of biking and also the consequences of our actions if we continue to neglect the fact that global warming is here and growing. The governments also place a heavy emphasis in informing and also building infrastructure dedicated to biking. For example, because nearly almost half of all the citizens in Copenhagen go to work by bike, the government has built 390 kilometers of bike lanes. Greater Copenhagen also now has a Cycle Super Highway which is a bicycle highway that connects the city to the town of Albertslund where there is plenty of amenities along the way such as air pumps, safer intersections and also traffic lights.

By the awareness of the people and the co-operation of the government, biking becomes a very important part of these people’s lifestyles. These cities are not poor either. They are all the first world, wealthy cities with rich people who place their wellbeing and the environment's well-being over their desire to take shortcuts which harm not only them but everything around. Not only is biking good for you, but also has extra benefits which you may have overlooked. Such as, it will cause less road wear which means that you have to pay less tax. An obvious one is that bikes are far cheaper than cars, and unlike cars; you don’t have to use gasoline while cycling. Bicycles do not require any fuel or anything harmful to the environment.


You can think all you want, but to make a change, you must take action. Riding bicycles not only helps you physically and financially but also the environment. There are so many benefits to it, so ask yourselves. Why do I neglect it?

The Most Bicycle Friendly Cities Of The World

6Malmö Sweden
14Buenos AiresBrazil
18MinneapolisUnited States

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