The Most And Least Visited Continents In The World

A tourist visits Montmartre, in Paris, France.
A tourist visits Montmartre, in Paris, France.

The “Global Travel Statistics for 2016” report generated by the HotelsPro, a global travel wholesaler, ranked continents based on the number of visitors in the year 2016. The report was based on the data collected by the HotelsPro from its various offices across the world. The report showed that Europe was the most visited continent in 2016. 58% of the total travelers counted in the report visited this continent. 19.5% visited Asia, the second most visited continent in the year. North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania received 16%, 2.6%, 2.3%, and 1.6% of the visitors, respectively, in 2016.

In Europe, the most traveled countries were Italy, Germany, and the UK. Although North America was ranked as the third most visited continent in the world in 2016, the US was the most preferred destination in the world in that year. Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa were the most visited countries in Africa. UAE, Thailand, and Malaysia became the most preferred destinations for visitors in Asia in 2016. The US, Canada, and Mexico were the most visited countries in North America and Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia received the most visitors in South America in the same year. Australia and New Zealand were the most visited countries in the least visited continent of Oceania.

Europe As The Most Popular Continent For Traveling

Europe ranks as the number one tourist destination due to a number of reasons. The continent offers a multitude of travel experiences to its visitors. Visitors to the continent can either focus their visit on a single country or cover many countries in one go. The varied landscapes, cultures, architecture, and climates in Europe invite explorers from all corners of the globe. The visa norms are also quite relaxed here. Canadian and American citizens are exempt from visa requirements in most European nations. Additionally, the Schengen Area includes several countries that allow tourists to visit these countries on a single visa. Also, most of the European nations are deemed as safe for traveling.

Well-developed transport infrastructural facilities including an excellent railway system and the compact geography of Europe make traveling easier in the continent and several countries can be visited in a short duration of time. The countries of Europe are associated with rich history and heritage and have their distinct cultures. World-famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Roman churches, the Grecian ruins, etc., are also present in Europe. Scenic natural areas like the Alps, the Black Forest region of Germany, the Mediterranean coastline, the countrysides of some countries, etc., are also a part of the continent. Authentic European cuisines can also be experienced in the European countries. All these above reasons render the continent the most traveled one in the world.

Oceania Is The Least Visited Region In The World

The countries of Oceania are island nations distributed across a wide area in the Pacific Ocean. Oceania encompasses an area of 8,525,989 square km. Many of Oceania’s countries are little known tiny island countries isolated from large landmasses by great distances in the ocean. Many of these countries have weak economies and hence underdeveloped transport and tourism infrastructure. Australia and New Zealand, both well-developed countries, are the most visited countries in the region and host a variety of natural and cultural attractions. However, many other Oceanian countries like Tuvalu and Kiribati are among the least visited countries in the world. There is no doubt that these countries are naturally beautiful and also host cultural attractions like a diversity of tribal cultures, however, the tourism industries in these countries are least developed. Safety is also an issue in some of these countries as high poverty and unemployment rates encourage crime. With time, it is expected that these Oceanian countries will experience economic growth and prosperity and soon become preferred tourists destinations in the world.


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