Which Continents And Oceans Are Located In The Northern Hemisphere?

An overview of the northern hemisphere.
An overview of the northern hemisphere.

The earth is in the shape of a sphere. To simplify the study of earth, Scientists invented an imaginary line of the Equator, which divides the planet into two halves. The two parts separated by the equator are the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere has the largest of the Earth’s land mass, and of the seven continents, five are found in the northern hemisphere, and they include South America, Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. Out of the five Oceans, four are in the Northern Hemisphere, and they include the Pacific, the Arctic, the Indian, and the Atlantic Oceans.

The Continents In The Northern Hemisphere


Europe is one of the continents that are entirely found in the Northern Hemisphere. The continent occupies a total area of approximately 3.93 million square miles. Europe’s northern border touches the Arctic Ocean, its western border touches the Atlantic Ocean, and its Southern border touches the Mediterranean Sea. The continent has diverse terrains ranging from coastal plains to high Alpine regions. In addition to the varied geology of the continent, Europe is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. The continent mainly experiences temperate climate with relatively warm temperatures.

North America

North America, just like Europe, is entirely located on the Northern Hemisphere. The Continent’s estimated land area is 9.54 million square miles which makes it the third largest Continent on earth by land area. North American continent includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, and the West Indies. North America experiences diverse climatic conditions such as humid continental climate, tundra climate, and sub-tropical climate due to its expansive landscapes.

South America

Only a small portion of the South American continent is situated on the Northern Hemisphere. It is estimated that 689,000 square miles of land area in South America lie in the Northern Hemisphere. The South American nations north of the Equator include; Colombia, Guyana, Venezuela, Suriname, and French Guiana. The two South American countries that partly lie on the Northern Hemisphere are Brazil and Ecuador.


The African continent is centrally placed on the equator. It is estimated that the equator divides the continent into two halves. Out of the 54 countries in Africa, 32 countries partly or wholly lie on the Northern Hemisphere. The continent enjoys a wide range of climatic conditions including tropical climate in the areas close to the Equator and subarctic climate at its highest points.


Asia is the earth’s biggest continent regarding the land area, and its largest portion is situated north of the Equator. The eastern border of the continent touches the Pacific Ocean, and its northern boundary touches the Arctic Ocean, while to the south the continent is in touch with the Indian Ocean. The continent experiences diverse climatic conditions on different parts such as equatorial climate on the south, temperate climate in the east and subarctic climate in the northern polar areas.

The Oceans In The Northern Hemisphere

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is the world’s biggest occupying close to a third of the Earth’s surface. The equator cuts through the Ocean into two. Half of the ocean lies on the Northern Hemisphere, and the other half lives on the Southern Hemisphere.

Atlantic Ocean

The Ocean is the 2nd biggest stretching from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere. The equator splits the Ocean into the North and South Atlantic Oceans, and a large portion of the Atlantic Ocean lies on the Northern Hemisphere.

Indian Ocean

The Ocean is a 3rd most extensive ocean on earth and covers both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres. The part of the Ocean on the Northern Hemisphere is smaller compared to the southern part. The Indian Ocean ranks as the warmest Ocean in the world.

Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean is the only Ocean on earth that wholly lies on the Northern Hemisphere. The Ocean is also listed as the smallest and occupies an area of approximately 5.4 million square miles. It is found on the Northern polar region where the temperature is near freezing.

Resources In The Northern Hemisphere

The Northern Hemisphere is the region located on the north of the Equator. The northern part of the earth has the largest portion of the land mass. Consequently, it has less Oceanic cover compared to the Southern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere also has the highest population of people, and it is estimated that 90% of the people living on Earth live on the Northern Hemisphere.


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