The Most And Least Populated States of Mexico

Toluca is the capital of the State of Mexico.
Toluca is the capital of the State of Mexico.

The North American nation of Mexico has an estimated population of more than 120 million and is the 11th most populous nation in the world. This large country is subdivided into 31 states. The nation's capital, Mexico City, is a special federal entity within the country.

Although Mexico City is not technically a state of Mexico, it is often included on lists of Mexican states, where it ranks second in terms of population. It is the smallest first-level administrative division of the country by area, but second largest by population. Mexico City has a population of 8,918,653 and an area of 1,485 square km.

The Three Largest States of Mexico by Population

The State of Mexico

The most populous state in the country is the State of Mexico. The population of the State of Mexico is 16,187,608, has a high growth rate, and houses nearly 14% of the national population. Although it is only the 25th largest state in the country in terms of area, it has a high population density of 720 persons per square km. The Greater Toluca and Greater Mexico City are heavily populated areas in the state. The state's economy is thriving and thus helps support the large population. 12% of the national workforce is based in the State of Mexico, and the state accounts for 9.7% of the national GDP. Industry and manufacturing are the biggest sectors of the economy in this state, and the services sector is also well-developed here. Large parts of the state’s land are also dedicated to agricultural activities.


Although Veracruz is the 11th largest Mexican state in terms of area, it is the third most populous state by population (after Mexico City). The state covers an area of 71,826 square km, has a population of 8,112,505 people, and Xalapa-Enríquez serves as the state capital city. Veracruz is subdivided into 212 municipalities for ease of administration. Since the state has a long coastline along the Gulf of Mexico that hosts an important port, the state has always attracted immigrants, including sailors, explorers, slaves, and workers from different parts of the world. As a result, Veracruz is famous for its multicultural population, and the culture of the state reflects the multiethnic nature of the population. There are 2,062 ethnic communities residing in the state. One-third of the population of Veracruz live in urban areas. The state's large population is supported by a thriving economy, which is one of the strongest in the country. Agriculture and petroleum are the major sectors of Veracruz's economy.


Located in Western Mexico, Jalisco is one of the most populous states in the nation. Jalisco has a population of 7,844,830 and an area of 78,588 square km. The state's population accounts for 6.5% of the national population. 87% of the population resides in an urban area, and more than half live in the Guadalajara metro area. Residents in Jalisco enjoy a comfortable standard of living, and 99%, 97.4%, and 94.2% have access to electricity, sewerage, and running water, respectively. The state has a rich history and immense wealth of natural resources. It is one of the most prosperous states in Mexico.

The Three Smallest States of Mexico by Population


One of the smallest states of Mexico by land area, Colima is also the smallest in the nation in terms of population. The state has a population of 711,235 people, an area of 5,627 square km, and its capital city is Colima. The state is made up of mainland area and four islands in the Pacific Ocean. The state has the lowest unemployment rates in the country and a high standard of living, as 98%, 82%, and 96% of the population of the state have electricity, sewerage, and running water, respectively. 89% of the population resides in urban areas of the country. Majority of the population of Colima is mestizo. The service industry, commerce, hotels, and restaurants employ over 40% of the state's population, while only 4.9% of the population is engaged in agriculture.

Baja California Sur

Baja California Sur has the second lowest population in Mexico, after Colima, but is the 12th largest by area. It has a population of 712,029 people living in an area of 73,909 square km. The majority of the population are Mestizos (60%), while 39% are white, and the remainder are indigenous inhabitants. 86% of the population of Baja California Sur lives in urban areas within the state. Tourism, salt production, mining, and sports fishing constitute the backbone of the state’s economy. The GDP of this state is quite low, accounting for only 0.73% of the national GDP. The unemployment rate is 5.1%.


Campeche is the third least populated state of Mexico, and has a population of 899,931 people. The state has an area of 57,507 square km, and the population is highly urbanized, with about 75% living in urban areas. Campeche accounts for about 5.1% of Mexico's GDP.

The Most and Least Populated States of Mexico

RankStatePopulation (2015)
1State of México16,187,608
2Ciudad de México8,918,653
8Nuevo León5,119,504
10 Oaxaca3,967,889
11 Chihuahua3,556,574
12 Guerrero3,533,251
13 Tamaulipas3,441,698
14 Baja California3,315,766
15 Sinaloa2,966,321
16 Coahuila de Zaragoza2,954,915
17 Hidalgo2,858,359
18 Sonora2,850,330
19 San Luis Potosí2,717,820
20 Tabasco2,395,272
21 Yucatán2,097,175
22 Querétaro de Arteaga2,038,372
23 Morelos1,903,811
24 Durango1,754,754
25 Zacatecas1,579,209
26 Quintana Roo1,501,562
27 Aguascalientes1,312,544
28 Tlaxcala1,272,847
29 Nayarit1,181,050
30 Campeche899,931
31 Baja California Sur712,029
32 Colima711,235

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