The Longest Mountain Ranges in Asia

The Tian Shan mountain range extends from China to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
The Tian Shan mountain range extends from China to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Asia is the largest continent on earth, covering over 17.2 million square miles. It accounts for 30% of the global dry land area. Population wise, there are more than 4.5 billion people or about two-thirds of the global population. Located in the North Eastern Hemisphere, the continent is divided into 48 countries. Geographically, it is home to some of the world’s tallest mountains and longest ranges as explained in this article.

Longest Mountains in Asia

The Top Three Longest Mountain Ranges (Over 2500 km)

The top three longest mountains are the Kunlun Mountains followed by the Tian Shan and the Ural Mountains. The Kunlun mountains, located in China, has a length of 3,000 kilometers (1,900 miles). The highest peak, Liushi Shan is 7,167 meters (23,524 feet). The range extends from the Gobi desert to Tarim Basin. It is the source of Karakash and White Jade rivers. The Tian Shan Mountains follows closely at a length of 2,900 kilometers (1,800 miles), linking the Pamir Mountains in the south to the Altai Mountains in the north and extends from China to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The highest peak is the Jengish chorus. The third longest mountain range at 2,600 kilometers (1,640 miles) is the Ural Mountains. Located in Russia, the tallest point is at 1895 meters.

Mountain Ranges Between 2000 km and 2500 km In Length

Himalaya is the fourth longest mountain range in Asia and home to the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest at 8,848 meters (29,029 miles). At a length of 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles) the range extends from Nepal to Bhutan, China, India, and Pakistan. The fifth and sixth longest mountains, both at 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles), are the Lower Himalayan Range and the Siwalik hills. Both extend across India, Nepal, and Bhutan. The seventh longest mountain range is Altai. With a length of 2,000 kilometers (1240 miles), it cuts across Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan and is the source of River Irtysh and Ob. The highest point is Belukha with two peaks at 4,506 meters and 4,440 meters respectively.

Mountain Ranges Under 2,000 km In Length

At position eight is the Zagros ranges which are 1,800 kilometers (932 miles) long. They are found in Iran and Iraq. Dena is the highest peak at 4,409 meters (14,465 feet). Barisan range in Indonesia is 1,700 kilometers (1,050 miles) long cutting across the island from north to south. The ranges were formed through volcanic action. The highest point, known as Mt. Kerinci, is 3,800 meters (12,467 feet). The tenth longest range in Asia is the Western Ghats located in India. With a length of 1,600 kilometers (990 miles) and a width of 100 kilometers, it extends from the Gujarat border to Kanyakumari. The mountain hosts over 8,000 plant species and 139 mammals. The highest point is Anamudi. The Russian Chersky Range at 1,500 kilometers (932 miles) long is the eleventh longest in Asia stretching from Yana River to Indigirka River. The highest peak is Pobeda Sakha. The Sayan Mountains, also at 1,500 kilometers (932 miles), is located in both Russia and Mongolia. The highest point is Monk Saridag. In Turkey, the Taurus range, which runs a length of 1,500 kilometers, is used to symbolize the bull god due to torrential storms in the mountain. Completing the list of 15 longest mountain ranges in Asia are the Kolyma in Russia and Khingan in China which are 1,300 kilometers and 1,200 kilometers respectively. The Kolyma uplands are in Siberia and their peak is 1,962 meters. The Khingan ranges are volcanic and the source of Yalu River.

Significance of the Mountain Ranges in Asia

Asia continent has the most significant mountain and ranges. They are the source of the longest rivers and lakes. The Himalayas are the most outstanding with the Everest peak and over one hundred more mountains. Most of the mountains were formed through volcanic activities. The ranges are also important tourist attractions and are home to rich flora and fauna.

The Longest Mountain Ranges in Asia

RankMountain RangeCountryLength (Km)
1Kunlun Mountains China3,000
2Tian Shan China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan2,900
3Ural MountainsRussia2,500
4HimalayaNepal, Bhutan, China, India, Pakistan2,400
5Lower Himalayan RangeIndia, Nepal, Bhutan2,400
6Siwalik RangeIndia, Nepal, Bhutan2,400
7Altai MountainsRussia, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan2,000
8Zagros MountainsIran, Iraq1,800
9Barisan MountainsIndonesia1,700
10Western GhatsIndia1,600
11Chersky RangeRussia1,500
12Sayan MountainsRussia, Mongolia1,500
13Taurus MountainsTurkey1,500
14Kolyma MountainsRussia1,300
15Khingan MountainsChina1,200

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