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10 Countries With The Longest Coastlines In Asia

With a coastline of 54,720 km, Indonesia has the longest coastline in the Asian continent.


Some of the countries with the longest coastlines in the world are in Asia. Here is a list of the Asian nations with the longest coastlines in the continent.


Indonesia is the world’s biggest island nation. With an area of 1,904,56 square km encompassing over 17,000 islands, islets, and rock features, Indonesia also has the longest coastline in Asia and the third longest in the world. The country has a coastline of about 54,720 km. Indonesian territory includes all offshore waters within 22 km from the coastline. It also claims some level of control including fishing rights in offshore waters up to 370 km from the coastline. The coastline of Indonesia features extensive areas of mangrove in some parts. The brackish tidal waters of these mangroves have been harnessed by locals for aquaculture of prawns and other seafood. Indonesia’s coastline also features some of the best beaches on the continent. Beach destinations like Bali attract tourists from all corners of the globe. The coral reefs along the coastline of Indonesia are home to a great diversity of marine flora and fauna.


Russia, the largest country in the world, has the second longest coastline in Asia and the fourth longest in the world. The country encompasses a total area of 17,075,200 square km and has a coastline of 37,653 km. The country also has an 850 km long coastline along the Caspian Sea. However, since the sea is landlocked, the length of the coastline is not added to the figure mentioned above. Russia has a coastline along both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. The Sea of Azov, the Black Sea, and the Baltic Sea also washes the shores of this country.


The Philippines, a nation in Maritime Southeast Asia has a coastline of 36,289 km, the third longest in Asia and the fifth longest in the world. The country consists of numerous islands in the Pacific Ocean. The coastline of Philippines is irregular in nature and features many gulfs, islets, and bays. This broken nature of the coastline of the country adds to the length of the coastline. About 60% of the urban settlements of the country are based along the coast.


The island nation of Japan is located in the Pacific Ocean in East Asia. The 29,751 km long Japanese coastline is the sixth longest in the world and the fourth longest in Asia. The long, narrow coastline in parts of the country with shallowing inlets accommodate several natural harbors. Few such harbors are present in the coastline north of Tokyo due to the generally unindented nature of the coastline in the area. Since Japan is highly susceptible to earthquakes, the coastline of the country is also prone to tsunamis triggered by such earthquakes.


China has the world’s 10th longest coastline and Asia’s fifth longest coastline. The length of the Chinese coastline is about 14,500 km. The country has coastlines along the South and East China Sea, Yellow Sea, and the Korea Bay. The nature of the coastline changes drastically in different parts of the country. While most of the northern part is relatively flat with occasional highlands, the southern coastline of China is more irregular and often has rocky and steep landscapes.


Surrounded by land on three sides, Turkey has one of the longest coastlines in Asia. Its coastline is 8,333 km long. The country has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world with beautiful beaches and a backdrop of lush green forests. The country has coastlines along the Marmara, Mediterranean, Aegean, and the Black Sea.


India has the seventh longest coastline in Asia. The coastline is 7,500 km long. The country has coastlines along the Arabian Sea to the west and the Bay of Bengal to the east. The Indian Ocean washes the shores of the country to the south and the Lakshadweep Sea is at the southwest. The coastline of India features several natural harbors and tourist spots. Many of the heavily populated urban settlements of the country are based along the coastline of the country. The financial capital of Mumbai is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea.

Other Asian Countries With Extensive Coastlines

Malaysia has a coastline of 4,675 km which includes the 2,068 km long coastline of Peninsular Malaysia and 2,607 km of East Malaysia. The coastline of Malaysia hosts some of the largest cities in the country as well as thriving tourist destinations. Vietnam has a coastline of 3,444 km making it the ninth country in Asia with the longest coastline. The coastline of Thailand extends for 3,219 km and features tourist destinations, large settlements, marine reserves, and more.

10 Countries With The Longest Coastlines In Asia

RankCountryLength of coastline (in km)
1 Indonesia54,720
2 Russia37,653
3 Philippines36,289
4 Japan29,751
5 China14,500
6 Turkey8,333
7 India7,500
8 Malaysia4,675
9 Vietnam3,444
10 Thailand3,219


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