The Largest Stadiums In Africa By Capacity

By Benjamin Elisha Sawe on August 1 2017 in World Facts

Stadiums have the capacity to host large-scale events.

A stadium is a large venue with a tiered structure for spectators to watch ongoing sporting activities, concerts, and other events. The construction and design of stadiums are in such a way that spectators can all view the field openly, regardless of their positions in the tiers. Modern stadiums contain more than just a playing ground with areas for spectators. Their design and construction have evolved to embrace features such as lighting, changing rooms, washrooms, air conditioning, and luxury suites. Some African countries have constructed large stadiums that meet international standards. Here is a list of some of the largest stadiums in Africa:

1. FNB Stadium

The FNB stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa is the largest stadium in Africa with a capacity of 94,736 spectators. The stadium first opened in 1989 and underwent renovations and expansion in 2009 in preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The stadium, managed by the Stadium Management South Africa, has hosted other famous games since its construction, including the 1996 and 2013 African Cup of Nations. On May 17, 2017, the stadium hosted the Absa Premiership League match between the Orlando Pirates and the Ajax Cape Town.

2. Borg El Arab Stadium

The Borg El Arab stadium, located in Alexandria, is the largest in Egypt and the second largest in Africa with a capacity of 86,000 people. The stadium, inaugurated in 2006 and completed in 2007, was commissioned with prospects of hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The stadium is a multipurpose one with athletics tracks in the pitch. The stadium is sheltered from the sun and possesses air conditioning facilities due to its location in a desert. Games played at the stadium include the 2009 FIFA Under-20 World Cup.

3. Stade des Martyrs

The Stade des Martyrs is the third largest stadium in Africa and the largest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The stadium, located in Kinshasa, has a capacity of up to 100,000 people. After its opening in 1994, the stadium has hosted many football matches, athletic competitions, and concerts. Synthetic grass added during the 2008 renovations, after recommendations by FIFA, now covers the stadium.

4. Stade 5 Juillet 1962

The stadium in Algiers, Algeria is the third largest along with the Stade des Martyrs with a capacity of 80,000. Built in 1970 and inaugurated in 1972, the stadium has hosted many games including the 1975 Mediterranean Games, All Africa Games of 1978 and 2007, the 2004 Pan Arab Games, the African Cup of Nations 1990, and the 2000 African Championships in Athletics.

Growth Of Stadiums In Africa

With the growth of sporting activities around the world, the construction of stadiums in Africa has increased. Africa is increasingly developing world-class, multi-purpose stadia to cater to the growing demand for sporting activities. Other large stadiums in Africa include the Cairo international stadium, Stade Mohamed V, and Stade Moulay Abdellah of Morocco, the June 11 Stadium (Libya), Ellis Park Stadium (South Africa), and the Bahir Dar Stadium (Ethiopia).

The Largest Stadiums In Africa By Capacity

1FNB Stadium94,736Johannesburg South Africa
2Borg El Arab Stadium86,000Alexandria Egypt
3Stade des Martyrs80,000Kinshasa DR Congo
4Stade 5 Juillet 196280,000Algiers Algeria
5Cairo International Stadium74,100Cairo Egypt
6Stade Mohamed V67,000Casablanca Morocco
7Stade Moulay Abdellah65,000Rabat Morocco
8June 11 Stadium65,000Tripoli Libya
9Ellis Park Stadium62,567Johannesburg South Africa
10Bahir Dar Stadium60,500Bahir Dar Ethiopia
11Abuja Stadium60,491Abuja Nigeria
12Stade Olympique de Radès60,000Radès Tunisia
13Tanzania National Main Stadium60,000Dar es Salaam Tanzania
14Stade Leopold Senghor60,000Dakar Senegal
15Moi International Sports Centre60,000Nairobi Kenya
16Heroes National Stadium60,000Lusaka Zambia
17National Sports Stadium (Zimbabwe)60,000Harare Zimbabwe
18Odi Stadium60,000Mabopane South Africa
19Stade 19 Mai 195656,000Annaba Algeria
20Cape Town Stadium55,000Cape Town South Africa

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