The Largest High School Stadiums in the US

Allen Eagle Stadium in Allen, TX has a capacity of 18,000 people. Editorial credit: Eric Urquhart /
Allen Eagle Stadium in Allen, TX has a capacity of 18,000 people. Editorial credit: Eric Urquhart /

High school football is a way of life for many Americans especially the Texans. Therefore it is no surprise that Texas has some of the most lavish and largest high school stadiums in the world. The Texans have enjoyed high school football for years now, and their love for the game has prompted the city to construct some of the largest stadiums in the country. A stadium with 10,000-seat capacity does not even feature in the top fifty largest fields in Texas.

Largest School Stadiums by Capacity in the US

1) Fawcett Stadium

Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, previously known as Fawcett Stadium, is one of the biggest entertainment complex and football stadium in Ohio. The city built the stadium from 1937 to 1939, and upon its completion, they named it after John Fawcett, a former member of the education board. It has served as a home to Walsh University, Malone University, and Canton McKinley high school among other high schools in the city. Initially, it had a capacity of 15,000 and was the largest in the United States. It underwent major renovations from 2015 to 2016, after the owner of New Orleans Saints (Tom Benson) donated eleven million dollars to the stadium and it was dedicated to him on August 3, 2017. Currently, it can accommodate about 22,400 people.

2) Toyota Stadium

Toyota Stadium is a soccer stadium with a 20,500-seat capacity in Frisco, Texas. The city of Frisco built and owns the stadium with their main tenants being FC Dallas (a Major League Soccer team) and the Frisco Independent School District. The city opened the stadium on August 6, 2005, with a match between the MetroStars and FC Dallas which ended in a draw. The stadium’s initial design had a seating capacity of 20,500 placed in a U-design with one part of the stadium having permanent sets for holding concerts. The stadium has seventeen regular-sized soccer fields other than the main stadium which FC Dallas uses for practices. Pizza Hut had the stadiums naming rights from 2005 to 2012, and during this time it was known as Pizza Hut Park. After the contract between the city and Pizza Hut expired, it was renamed FC Dallas Stadium until September 10, 2013, when the team reached an agreement with Toyota. The seventeen practice fields are called Toyota Soccer Center.

3) Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium is a football field in West Mesquite High School. The field was completed in 1976, and it has a seating capacity of about 20,000 seats. Memorial Stadium is mainly used for football by all the High Schools in Mesquite. The stadium serves as the neutral field for high school football playoffs in Texas. The stadium was renovated from November 2014 to August 2015 and among the facilities expanded includes elevators, concourse area, locker rooms, restrooms, and concession.

The Oldest Large High School Stadiums in the US

The construction of the biggest high school stadiums in Texas began over eighty years ago when Buccaneer stadium was built in 1938 followed by Farrington in 1939 and Fawcett which was opened in 1939. About eighteen of the twenty-one stadiums with a seating capacity of over 13,000 were built before 1980. Alamo and Farrington field stadiums were the biggest high school stadium in Texas until 1976 when the Memorial Stadium was built. These stadiums have helped nurture the love for high school football in Texas.

The Largest High School Stadiums in the US

1Fawcett StadiumCanton, OH22,400
2Toyota StadiumFrisco, TX20,500
3Memorial StadiumMesquite, TX20,000
4Ratliff StadiumOdessa, TX19,302
5Alamo StadiumSan Antonio, TX18,500
6Farrington FieldFort Worth, TX18,500
7Buccaneer Stadium
Corpus Christi, TX18,000
8Allen Eagle StadiumAllen, TX18,000
9Grande Communication StadiumMidland, TX

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