States That Have Voted Republican In The Most Consecutive U.S. Presidential Elections

Every Presidential Election since 1968 has been won by a Republican a the state level in 9 states.

10. Streaks On The Line in 2016

Twenty states are currently in a Republican presidential voting streak, and these could afford the Republican candidate as many as 166 electoral votes. Nine of these have the longest streak going back over 12 election cycles (to 1968) and are discussed below. However, a few of these states might break their streak and vote Democrat in the upcoming election. One very clear trend in the states where Republicans have a winning streak is that support for the Republican party is dwindling. This is not to say that those voters are going Democrat, but rather that the polls have seen a rise in independent voters this election cycle. Whatever may be the case, 2016 Republican Presidential nominee wants to keep these streaks alive in his bid for the White House.

9. Alaska

Alaskan voters are traditionally Republican and have voted that way in all but one election since they first began participating in presidential elections in 1960. While Republican presidential candidates have typically won with well over 50% of the vote, estimates as of August of 2016 have the state at 49% Republican. This is a drastic decrease from the 2012 elections with 54.8% going Republican.

8. Idaho

Idaho is also on a Republican winning streak although its support has decreased in this election cycle. The last 4 presidential elections here ended with a strong 60% or higher Republican vote. The August of 2016 support has been measured at only 44%, down by 8% from just one year ago.

7. Kansas

Kansas currently holds 6 electoral votes though once had 10, at the beginning of the 20th century. This drop is due to a decrease in population (on which electoral votes are based). In the last 5 elections, the Republican candidate for president has won with no less than 54.3% of the vote and as high as 62% in 2004. As of August of 2016, however, although still leaning Republican, that support has been lowered to around 44% in most estimates, and as low as 36% in others.

6. Nebraska

Nebraska is worth 5 electoral votes that historically leans strongly Republican. As seen in the previous states, this support has dropped from previous levels of between 56% and 66%. August of 2016 projections have the Republican candidate for President, Donald Trump, at a 48% support rating.

5. North Dakota

North Dakota is considered a “safe” state for Republicans meaning that the party garners strong majority support during elections. In 2012, the Republican nominee won by 20% of the vote, 9% in 2008 and over 20% in 2004 and 2000. All of these elections were won with between 53% and 62.9% popularity. As of August of 2016, the Republican nominee has an 8% lead with 44% of the vote.

4. Oklahoma

This state has exhibited some of the strongest Republican support of any of the previously mentioned. Currently in its 12th consecutive Republican streak, the last 5 elections have been won with over 60% popularity. In the 2016 election, the Republican presidential candidate is expected to win with a 53% vote.

3. South Dakota

In the 2016 elections, South Dakota is expected to vote Republican with a 15% margin. The nominee is predicted to win with 47% of the vote. While the margin is on par with previous years, the support is not. In 2012, for example, the Republican nominee won this state’s 3 electoral votes with a 57.9% vote.

2. Utah

Utah has voted Republican in the last 12 election cycles and in the last 4, this has been with over 60% of the vote. In fact, in 2012 Republicans held 72.8% popularity. The 2016 election looks as if it will also go Republican, though with much less support. The polls as of August of 2016 show a support rate between 43% and 35%.

1. Wyoming

Wyoming is the last state on the list of longest running Republic streaks. In 2016, this state is considered a Republican “safe” vote. In fact, the nominee is ahead by 34% as of August of 2016, one of the largest margins of those states on this list, and is expected to receive 59% of the vote, which is again the highest support for Trump among those states on this list.

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