Service Rifles Of Armies Around The World

The Indian Small Arms System light machine gun and assault rifle is the primary service rifle of the Indian Armed Forces.
The Indian Small Arms System light machine gun and assault rifle is the primary service rifle of the Indian Armed Forces.

Different countries design their rifles so as to be more effective at war and be able to counter their enemies and protect their territories. Manufacturing of the rifles use the latest available technologies and become easier to use and more efficient during wars. Rifles are guns fired from the shoulder levels in most cases to aim at long distances. Most major world armies including US, Russia, China, India, and the UK have different weapons such as atomic bombs, Gatling guns, and rifles among others. The rifles come in various models, sizes, and functionality

China's ZH-05

ZH-05 is an assault rifle and works like a grenade launcher. It is one of the most complex weapons made in China that comes with electronic sight capable of accurately aiming both the barrels of the rifle and grenade launcher. It also has several electronic preset fuses used for predefined ranges for grenade launchers.The rifle part of the ZH-05 is more like the type 03 rifle that uses gas operated action and a capacity of the 30-round magazine. The grenade launcher is laid above the rifle component which is designed to fire 20-millimeter rounds. The electronic sighting unit has a range finder using laser and has a ballistic computer for grenade programming interface. This rifle is versatile and affordable because the optical sighting component can be mounted and replaced quickly. The sighting component can relay video feed and display it externally.

United States: M16 and M4A1

The US M16 and M4A1 originate from the US and currently used by 15 North Atlantic Treaty Organizations and 80 other countries. Initially, M16 was the standard military weapon for the US, but it is being replaced by M4. Both M4A1 and M16 are upgraded by the US army so as to be able to use the best available operating systems for close quarter operations.Both fires at a rate ranging from 700 to 950 rounds per minute cyclically, which have a length of 5.56 millimeters. These weapons can hold up to 30-round magazines and are used to fire both semi-automatically and fully automatic. They are some differences between the two, such as in the fact that the M16 is self-cleaning while the M4A1 has to be cleaned manually.

India: INSAS

The Indian Small Arms System (INSAS) has been used in India from 1998.They are lethal weapons that India has used in combat wars such as Nepalese Civil War (1996-2006).They are modeled on AKM design and features from other rifles. They are made up of light machine guns and assault rifles and a carbine. The assault rifles have a weight of 9.1 pounds and 37.8 inches long and the barrel light 18-inch. They use a 20- or 30-box magazine, in-built telescopic for sight, and weighs 9.1 pounds when empty. They are gas operated that fire 600-650 rounds/min.

North Korea's Type 88

The Type 88 is made in Korea and is an assault rifle popular with Korean military. The predecessor of this assault rifle is Type 54, after gradual modification, in the 1980s. The Koreans got the technical support from China to develop gun, and it has sheet type magazine. It is a light machine, with 30 rounds of magazines. It allows for a high number of 0.175 x 1.5 millimeter cartridges to be carried and is mostly used by Kim Jong-un’s body gourds.

Unique Weapons, Unique Fighting Forces

Different countries produce their assault rifles to be used by the military in the manufacturing country and other countries across the world. Modern assault rifles are multipurpose, more accurate and more reliable than their predecessors. Some of the countries that manufacture and sell their rifles throughout the world include the China, US,India, North Korea and Russia among others.

Service Rifles Of Major World Armies Around The World

Country Rifle
China ZH-05
United States M16 and M4A1
North Korea Type 88
Russia AK-74M
Pakistan Heckler & Koch G3
South Korea Daewoo Precision Industries K2
Iran AK-103
Turkey MKEK MPT-76
Vietnam Galil ACE 31/32
Saudi Arabia Heckler & Koch G36
France FAMAS

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