Tanks Of Major World Armies

Left: A Chinese Type 96 (ZTZ-96A) main battle tank. Right: A U.S. M1A2 Abrams main battle tank.
Left: A Chinese Type 96 (ZTZ-96A) main battle tank. Right: A U.S. M1A2 Abrams main battle tank.

Tanks in Modern Warfare

A tank is a reinforced and armored combating automobile which comprises of a large tank gun and tracks designed for forefront battles. Apparently, the current tanks have the ability to mount large caliber cannon in a rotating gun turret and are mobile land weapon platforms. They combine all this together with armors from heavy vehicles which offer the defense for the armies. The tank uses tracks instead of wheels, allowing it to move over rough terrain and be able to position in strategic locations on the battlefield. All these features permit the tank to function well in planned situations. Furthermore, the amalgamation of powerful weapons from the tank gun and its capacity to endure firearms from the enemy qualifies the tank to fight the enemy even under fire. The tank is capable of performing the primary responsibilities expected of armored vehicles during a battle. The current tanks are an advancement from the first ancient war vehicles because of developments in technology, such as the internal combustion engine which permits the rapid movement of heavy armored vehicles. Therefore, tanks have undergone remarkable changes in capacity since their first appearance on the battlefield. Below, we look at two main battle tanks from two of the world's largest armies. Other main battle tanks from around the world are listed in the appended table thereafter.

China's Type 96 (ZTZ-96)

In spite of China having the biggest Armed forces in the world, escalating defense funds, it produces the second generation battle tank and depends entirely on it as its forefront fighting vehicle.Type 96 was the first major battle tank that was manufactured in 1996 and replaced the existing Type 88 battle tank. It is fitted with a thermal sleeve a large 125 millimeter bore gun and the first battle tank to use a front modular armor that was equipped with a ceramic tile mix. Further, the sides and back of this battle tank comprise of a turret that is fitted with storage racks that form AKA armor to create a spaced armor. It has a 1,000-horsepower diesel engine similar to the Type 85, which gives the battle tank a power-to-weight ratio of around 24.1 horsepower per ton, and a speed of around 40 miles per hour. Additionally, it uses torsion bar suspension and has a functional range of around four hundred kilometers that is improved to six hundred kilometers with exterior fuel cisterns.The driver of this battle tank sits at the front of the engine gunner which is on the left of the turret, while the chief commander of the army sits on the right side of the turret. Apparently, this battle tank has a coaxial 7.62 millimeter MG and six smoke grenade launchers built up on both sides of the turret. Finally, it stores 500 rounds of 50 millimeter, 45 rounds of 125 millimeter, and 2,250 rounds of 7.62 millimeter ammunition.

The United States M1

It was manufactured in the 1970s as the primary battle tank which has been a foundation of the U.S Army forces for around thirty-five years. Conversely, this battle tank has been improved many times and has received a new 120 millimeter gun to substitute its original 105-millimeter, ever advancing armor. In fact, the M1 is recognized as the latest battle tank machine as it is networked and entirely digitized. The American Army has planned to increase and develop a new battle tank that will be known as the M1A3, and will be the next in line to join the legacy of the long esteemed M1 tank family.

Primary Tanks Of Major World Armies

Country Tank
China Type 96
United States M1
India T-72
North Korea T-55
Russia T-72
Pakistan Type 69IIMP
South Korea K1
Iran T-72S
Turkey M48A5T2
Vietnam Type 59
Saudi Arabia M60A3
France Leclerc

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