Seattle Sports Teams

CenturyLink Field Stadium is the home of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders FC. Editorial credit: Miune /
CenturyLink Field Stadium is the home of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders FC. Editorial credit: Miune /

The city of Seattle is a home to major professional teams of both men and women. These teams take part in the national championships and major competitions. This northwestern city in the state of Washington also has amateur teams as well as college-based sports teams. All these teams aid in making the city a prestigious and a wonderful place to live.

5. Seattle Seahawks

Replica of the Seattle Seahawks's helmet. Editorial credit: dean bertoncelj /

The Seattle Seahawks are a professional football team that plays in the National Football League (NFL). It was founded in 1974 and made their debut season in 1976. Home matches are played at the CenturyLink Field. The team colors are blue, green, and grey. The Seahawks are owned by Paul Allen.

The Seahawks is the only team in the northwest that plays in the NFL. This means that they draw a huge following from fans in the northwest region as well as in neighboring Canada. They have won the NFL championship once and hold impressive records. They won the Super Bowl in 2013 and the Conference Championships three times. As a member of the west division of the NFC, they have won the division ten times.

Their games are broadcasted all over the northwestern region by affiliate stations. This means for the fans who won’t be able to catch a ticket to the CenturyLink Field Stadium can watch it on television or listen to it over the radio.

They have sporting rivalries with the Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, and the San Francisco 49ers.

4. Seattle Sounders FC

The Seattle Sounders in their distinct blue and green uniforms. Editorial credit: lev radin /

The Seattle Sounders FC is a professional team that participates in Major League Soccer (MLS). The Sounders was founded in 2007 and made their maiden appearance in the league competition in 2009. They play their home games at the CenturyLink Field. Their team colors are blue and green.

The Sounders have won the National Championships six times and they are the defending champions of the MLS cup (2016). They have one of the highest turnouts in the MLS compared to other clubs. The team has a youth academy that has produced soccer stars like Yedlin who plays for Newcastle United in the English Premier League (England).

The team is owned by Adrian Hanauer who is the major shareholder. Its shirt sponsor is Microsoft which has been the main sponsor. Their impressive attendance has seen the club get ranked among the most valuable franchises in the MLS. They get part of their revenue from ticket sales and their successes on the pitch keep attracting fans.

They also get media coverage too. Tribune Media holds the rights and fans in Seattle get to see the action in KCPQ or KZJO. In the northwest, fans get the action in Root Sports Northwest.

They have local sporting rivals in Vancouver and Portland.

3. Seattle Mariners

Safeco Field is the home park of the Seattle Mariners. Editorial credit: Eugene Buchko /

The Seattle Mariners is Seattle's professional baseball team, and a member of the Major League Baseball league. Their home ground is the Safeco Field baseball park. The team was founded in 1977 and they played in their debut appearance in the league in the same year.

They have yet to win a national crown since they began playing in this top division, but they have won the west division three times. They, along with the Washington Nationals, have not played in the world series.

Nevertheless, the team has a rich culture that is observed religiously every season and in any match that the Mariners are playing in. The crowd sings along to “God bless America” and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” The mascot leads the crowd in fun games. Animated planes fly over the stadium during the games. The fans also do funny stunts like carrying banners with funny statements in order to get “rally fries”. They also wear costumes with the team colors just to make them stand out.

John Stanton is the owner of the club on account of being the major shareholder in the franchise. Navy blue, silver white and green makes the team colors. Their games covered by media stations like Root Sports Northwest.

2. Seattle Storm

Forward Alysha Clark of the Seattle Storms during a game. Editorial credit: Keeton Gale /

Seattle Storm is a women's basketball team that is a member of the women national basketball association (WNBA). It was formed in 1999 and played their first season in 2000. They play their home matches at Key Arena. They have won the national championship twice.

Force 110 LLC Hoops is the owner of this team. The team has been proud to be associated with talented players who made their careers with the team. Three-time MVP Lauren Jackson was a player here. The team has played in the playoffs twelve times out of its seventeen years participating in the league.

The atmosphere in each home game is memorable. A cheer squad composed of children entertains the crowds. The mascot joins the crowd in singing and dancing to the theme music of the team. Bing is the leading sponsors of the team kit.

As a result of their win in 2010, they were invited to the White House by the then president Barack Obama. Some of their games get coverage from KONG which is a local television station in Seattle. ESPN sports has made an agreement with the basketball association (WNBA) meaning that the company will pay the Seattle Storm for the broadcast rights. The team colors are green and yellow.

1. Seattle Reign FC

Seattle Reign players wear blue and white uniforms. Editorial credit: Keeton Gale /

The Seattle Reign FC is a soccer team in Seattle that takes part in the National Women Soccer League (NWSL). They were founded in 2012 and made their debut in the league in 2013. They have won the league two times and the home ground is the Memorial Stadium.

The team is sponsored by Microsoft and they use Microsoft products as a result of this. The team is owned by the Predmores. The home ground has an artificial pitch and has a seating capacity of 12,000 spectators. This stadium was also used by the Seattle Sounders.

Kansas FC and Portland Timbers are considered strong rivals for the Reigns. Any match between them sets new attendance records in the league. The main colors for team royal blue and white.

Go90 broadcasts the Seattle Reigns games through streaming. The international audiences get to see the games via the NSWL website. Laura Harvey is the current coach since the team was founded. The team has players not just from the US but from other countries like Japan, Wales, Mexico, and Scotland.


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