List of US Presidents

A list of US presidents including dates served.


The US president is widely considered to be among the most influential world leaders, if not the most powerful, primarily due to the economic and military strength of the US. The US was a British colony for approximately 170 years before attaining its independence on July 4, 1776. Since independence, the US has had 45 presidents, four of whom have been assassinated while still in office. Grover Cleveland is unique in that his two non-consecutive terms are counted as independent presidencies. The shortest serving president in US history was William Harrison who died after only a month in office due to pneumonia.

Most Famous US Presidents

George Washington

Serving from 1789 to 1797, George Washington was the first American president. George Washington was one of the generals who led the US during the fight for its independence from the Britain. His experience in the military aided him in ruling the country. He is considered one of the greatest presidents in history due to the many precedents he set such as the two-term limit for every president. One of his most significant achievements was signing the Jay Treaty, which prevented war with the British. During his presidency, he faced a large number of challenges chief of which was the lack of unity in the nation. There was also a lot of infighting between two of his closest advisers, named Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, whose ideas on the country's direction differed significantly. He died on December 14, 1799. Since the time of his death, multiple cities and monuments have been named for the country's first president, including Washington State and the capital of Washington, D.C.

Abraham Lincoln

One of the nation's most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln also holds the unfortunate distinction of being the first US president to be assassinated while in office. Lincoln was the president during the American Civil War, arguably one of the darkest periods in America's history. In 1860 he was elected president of the US which triggered the formation of the Confederate States of America, a union of seven states in the South of the US that supported the owning of slaves.

Lincoln was a shrewd statesman, and through a sequence of complicated political maneuvering, he managed to bring an end to the war and win freedom for enslaved Americans. Lincoln was a great orator and in his most famous speech, the Gettysburg Address, he expressed his support for equal rights and nationalism, principles that he held close to his heart. John Wilkes Booth assassinated president Lincoln on April 15, 1865.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt holds the distinction of being the longest serving president in US history. He was a Democrat and was elected for an unprecedented four consecutive terms in office. During his presidency, he steered America through the Great Depression and the Second World War. Unfortunately, he died before the end of the war due to his failing health. The threat of Nazi Germany prompted him to run for a third term in office as he believed that America needed a strong leader to survive the danger. He was a strong supporter of environmental conservation, and during his presidency, more than two billion trees were planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

The Importance of the Presidency

The presidency is a symbol of national unity as the president is elected to serve all people regardless of whether or not they earned their vote. The president is also expected to provide stable leadership to guide the nation through a possible crisis. The president represents the country on the international stage and is expected to make agreements that are in the best interest of the country.

List of US Presidents

Rank´╗┐PresidentYear(s) in Power
1George Washington1789-1797
2John Adams1797-1801
3Thomas Jefferson1801-1809
4James Madison1809-1817
5James Monroe1817-1825
6John Quincy Adams1825-1829
7Andrew Jackson1829-1837
8Martin Van Buren1837-1841
9William Henry Harrison1841
10John Tyler1841-1845
11James K. Polk1845-1849
12Zachary Taylor1849-1850
13Millard Fillmore1850-1853
14Franklin Pierce1853-1857
15James Buchanan 1857-1861
16Abraham Lincoln1861-1865
17Andrew Johnson 1865-1869
18Ulysses S. Grant1869-1877
19Rutherford B. Hayes1877-1881
20James A. Garfield1881
21Chester A. Arthur1881-1885
22Grover Cleveland1885-1889
23Benjamin Harrison1889-1893
24Grover Cleveland1893-1897
25William McKinley1897-1901
26Theodore Roosevelt 1901-1909
27William Howard Taft 1909-1913
28Woodrow Wilson1913-1921
29Warren G. Harding1921-1923
30Calvin Coolidge1923-1929
31Herbert Hoover1929-1933
32Franklin D. Roosevelet1933-1945
33Harry S. Truman1945-1953
34Dwight D. Eisenhower1953-1961
35John F. Kennedy1961-1963
36Lyndon B. Johnson1963-1969
37Richard Nixon1969-1974
38Gerald Ford1974-1977
39Jimmy Carter1977-1981
40Ronald Reagan1981-1989
41George H.W. Bush1989-1993
42Bill Clinton1993-2001
43George W. Bush2001-2009
44Barack Obama 2009-2017
45Donald Trump2017-


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