Largest Domes In The World

Amazingly, the massive domed roof of the Singapore National Stadium is also retractable.
Amazingly, the massive domed roof of the Singapore National Stadium is also retractable.

Out of the five largest domes in the world, three are in the United States. The most massive of them all, however, is in Singapore, and the third largest is in Japan.

Five Largest Domes In The World

5. Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A., 679 feet in diameter

The Louisiana Superdome, also known as Mercedes-Benz Superdome, is the fifth largest dome in the world, and is found in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The diameter of the dome is 693 feet. Its construction began in 1971 at an estimated cost of $46 million, but the final cost came to $163 million. Over the years the Dome has received extensive rebuilding and upgrading. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in 2005, the dome was not spared. Renovation began after the hurricane and reopened in 2006. In 2010 there was a major renovation and upgrading on Superdome again and now stands as an ultra modern structure. The Superdome is large enough for a variety of sporting activities, concerts, and major conventions.

4. Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., 840 feet in diameter

The Georgia Dome in Atlanta is the fourth largest in the world with its diameter measuring 840 feet. The Georgia World Congress Center Authority is the owner of the Georgia Dome which became operational in 1992 as the largest domed shaped stadium in the world. The dome used at least 8,300 tons of reinforced steel in its construction and its height is equivalent to a 27 story building. The sitting capacity of the dome is 71,250 and covers a floor of 102,000 square feet. The roof of the dome has 798 lighting fixtures and four large air conditioning units each weighing 1,250 tons. The dome has hosted various events like football, basketball, and soccer. It has also hosted professional wrestling and other popular concerts. Religious services and conferences like TD Jakes and Billy Graham ministries.

3. Oita Stadium, Oita, Japan, 899 feet in diameter

Oita Stadium in Japan is the third largest dome in the world with a diameter of 899 feet. The construction came to completion in 2001 as part of FIFA world cup venues in 2002. The seating capacity was 43,000 people, but so far has been scaled down to 40,000. Oita Bank Stadium, like many other major modern stadiums, has a retractable roof made of a Teflon membrane that allows the sunlight and eliminates the need for lighting during the day. The stadium is multipurpose and hosts a broad range of events and outside the main stadium are more facilities for different sports.

2. Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas, U.S.A. 902 feet in diameter

The second largest dome is the AT&T Stadium, formerly known as the Cowboys Stadium, in Arlington, Texas. The diameter of the dome is 902 feet wide. It became operational in 2009 after using 14,100 tons of structural steel. Two trusses measuring seventeen feet in width by 35 feet deep arch box, which spans 1225 feet, support the enormous domed roof. The whole roof covering 660,800 square feet can open and close in less than twelve minutes. The stadium has 80,000 seating capacity during regular season games and 100,000 for special events. The seats are on rails and not attached to the concrete, and depending on the requirements 22-inch or 18-inch wide seats are installed. The stadium serves a variety of activities and events like NFL football, concerts, soccer matches, college and high school football games, rodeos, basketball games, motor-cross races, concerts, and religious ceremonies.

1. Singapore National Stadium, 1,017 feet

Singapore National Stadium in Tanjong Rhu, Kallang holds the world record as the largest dome structure, measuring 1,017 feet in diameter. The stadium officially opened in June 2014. The Dome's roof is retractable and takes just 20 minutes to close or open it covers 95% of the seats and is made of revolutionary all-weather resistant materials. It blocks the heat from the sun and rain as well. The roof also doubles up as a giant projector screen. The lower tier seats are also retractable either mechanically or automatically, making it the only stadium capable of hosting a multitude of events like rugby, athletics, football and many others. The stadium has a sitting capacity of 55,000 people, with an innovative cooling system which is pumped from the underneath the seats consuming 15% less energy than comparable stadiums.

Largest Domes In The World

RankDome, LocationDiameter
1Singapore National Stadium, Tanjong Rhu, Kallang, Singapore1,017 feet
2Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas, U.S.A902 feet
3Oita Stadium, Oita, Japan899 feet
4Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.840 feet
5Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.679 feet

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