Which European Countries Are Islands?

By Oishimaya Sen Nag on February 13 2018 in Politics

Iceland is an island country in Europe.
Iceland is an island country in Europe.

In Europe, there are five countries who either consist completely of islands, or who are parts of islands. For example, both Ireland and the United Kingdom are considered to be part of islands, as the island of Ireland partially belongs to Ireland and partially belongs to the United Kingdom.


Cyprus is one of the five island nations of Europe. It is the most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea. Nicosia is the capital and the biggest city of this island country. The total area occupied by Cyprus is 9,251 square km. It has an estimated population of 1,170,125 people and a high population density of 123.4 persons per square km. Cyprus has a rich history due to its strategic location at the crossroads of ancient trade routes. The country has a diverse and prosperous economy with a GDP per capita of $23,352.


A large island in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is Europe’s most sparsely populated nation. The country covers an area of 102,775 square km. The estimated population is 348,580 people and the population density is only 3.2 persons per square km. Reykjavík is Iceland’s capital city. Iceland is well-known for its natural beauty and is geologically active. Iceland also hosts active volcanoes. Iceland is currently one of the most well-developed economies of the world. It has a GDP per capita of $83,750. Fishing is a major economic activity in this country.

Republic Of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland, located on the island of Ireland, includes 26 of the 32 counties of the island within its boundaries. The country spans a total area of 70,273 square km and hosts a population of 4,761,865. Dublin serves as the capital of this nation. Ireland shares its boundaries with Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. On all other sides, the country is surrounded by waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland has a strong knowledge economy. The country has technologically advanced industrial and service sectors.


Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a small archipelago with three inhabited and several uninhabited islands. It is a sovereign nation with an estimated population of 445,426 living in an area of 316 square km. Malta is one of the smallest but also one of the most densely populated nations of the world. The population density of this country is 1,410 persons per square km. Malta’s capital city of Valletta is the smallest national capital in the entire continent. Located just south of Sicily, Malta has witnessed invasions by major world powers for centuries in the past. The strategic location of the archipelago has always attracted settlers and invaders to the area. The economy of this island nation is quite advanced with the GDP per capita being $30,500.

United Kingdom

The UK is also an island country comprising of the Great Britain island, part of the island of Ireland, and some other smaller islands located off the European mainland’s north-western coast. With the exception of the land border that is shared between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the UK is surrounded on all other sides by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The UK has the world’s 12th longest coastline. The country has an area of 242,495 square km and a population of 65,648,100. London is the capital city of this country.

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