Is Texas Bigger Than California?

Texas is bigger than California in terms of land area.
Texas is bigger than California in terms of land area.

Texas is an American state that is situated in the South Central area of the US. Texas is bordered by Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and 4 Mexican states (Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, and Chihuahua). The Mexican Gulf forms the Southeastern border of Texas. The state’s nickname “The Lone Star’’ is a reminder of their struggle for independence and also their previous status as an independent state.

Is Texas Larger Than California?

In terms of land area, Texas is larger than California. Texas is the second-largest American state and the largest in the contiguous U.S. which occupies an area of about 268,581 sq miles. California (163,696 sq miles) is the third biggest state in the U.S. by area. Texas would be the fortieth largest state on earth if it were a sovereign nation. The State of Texas is twice the size of Japan or Germany and 10% bigger than France. California ($70,760) had a higher GDP per capita than Texas in 2017. Texas is divided into 254 counties while California has 58 counties.

Is Texas More Populous Than California?

No, California is the most populous state in the United States with over 39,557,045 residents followed by Texas with 28,701,845 Texans. Texas (14.1%) had a population higher growth rate than California (6.2%) from 2010 to 2018. California was the eleventh most densely populated state in the United States with 240 individuals per square mile right behind Ohio in 2015. Texas (108/sq miles) is the twenty-sixth most populous state in the country. Austin, the capital of Texas, is bigger than Sacramento (capital of California) by area, but Sacramento is more populous than Austin.

State Government

Unlike some U.S. states, Texas has a plural-executive system that limits the governor’s authority. The executive branch of Texas is weaker as compared to other states. Other than the State’s Secretary, all the executive officers are elected by the voters. The bicameral Texan legislature has 31 senators and 150 members in the House of Representatives. California’s legislature is made up of 80members in the House of Representatives and 40 Senators. California has the largest judiciary system in the country that has 1,600 judges. The Texan judicial system is famous for the use of capital punishment. Texas has executed the highest number of individuals in the country since the court affirmed capital punishment in the Gregg v. Georgia case of 1976. Texas was the first jurisdiction on earth to execute someone by lethal injection in 1982.


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