How Many Hotel Rooms Are There in Las Vegas?

The Vegas Strip is home to many hotels and casinos. Editorial credit: Andrew Zarivny /
The Vegas Strip is home to many hotels and casinos. Editorial credit: Andrew Zarivny /

Las Vegas is a 136 squares mile city in the greater Mojave Desert and had roughly 648,224 inhabitants in 2017. Las Vegas is the world's most popular tourist attraction with vast numbers of tourists visiting it each year. Some of the most well-known tourist attractions in Las Vegas include casinos and the city's nightlife. Las Vegas is often thought of as one of the premier tourist destinations in the US with residents usually referring to it as the entertainment capital of the world. Due to the vast number of tourists who visit the city, a large number of hotels were constructed to provide accommodation. Today, there are about 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas. 

Development of the Las Vegas Hotel Industry

The hotel industry in Las Vegas developed alongside the city's gambling industry after the state of Nevada made casino gambling legal in 1931. The construction of the Hoover Dam also sped up the growth of the Las Vegas hotel industry since it increased the population. The introduction of the Helldorado festival in 1934 also contributed significantly to the growth of Las Vegas' hotel industry. The Second World War greatly limited the growth of the Las Vegas' hotel industry since most of the resources in the country were used in the war effort. After the war, some of the most iconic hotels in Las Vegas such as the Flamingo Las Vegas and the Golden Nugget Las Vegas were constructed. During this period, one of Las Vegas' most famous attractions was the mushroom clouds created by the testing of nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site.

Famous Hotels in Las Vegas

Several hotels in Las Vegas have gained international acclaim due to the unique experience they offer visitors. The Golden Nugget Las Vegas is a popular hotel in the region since it has the largest casino in the city's downtown area. The Golden Nugget hotel is also famous for displaying the world's largest golden nugget in its lobby. Before its closure, the Moulin Rouge Hotel was one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas. It gained international recognition since it was the first casino and hotel where people of different races could freely interact. Another famous hotel in Las Vegas was the Desert Inn which stopped operations in 2000. The hotel was famous since it had one of the largest casinos in the area once construction was completed.

Common Features of Las Vegas Hotels

Despite the uniqueness of the hotels in Las Vegas, they share many common features such as lavish decorations and the emphasis on the clients' entertainment. Another common feature of hotels in Las Vegas is that they usually have casinos to allow the clients to participate in gambling activities.

Growth of the Las Vegas Hotel Industry

There were approximately 35,000 rooms in the mid-1970s and this number has continued to grow. According to data from Statista, the number of hotel rooms in Las Vegas increased significantly from 2000 to 2017. In 2000, there were around 124,270 hotel rooms in Las Vegas while in 2017 there were roughly 148,690 hotel rooms. Experts believe that the number of hotel rooms in Las Vegas could increase significantly if the number of visitors to the city rises. 


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